Custom Heated Dog House

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Just a quick vid on how I made a heated dog house… There weren't any good videos on a safe and effective way to heat a large doghouse. The "Hound Heater" is not powerful enough to heat something this big so I came up with my own version for about the same cost as the available stuff out there. Due to the sheer size of the house (64 cubic feet) the ceramic heat emitters are nowhere near the dogs even when they are standing up in the house so I found it overkill to cover them. The house was tested for several days measuring min and max temperature before I let out dog start using it to ensure her safety.

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    1. I have since moved to a new house so I am unable to do so… but its as simple as getting the metal light fixture, wire to thermostat (simple 2 wire install), and wire thermostat to recessed male outlet (2 wires only). The heat shield is simple aluminum 1×1 aluminum sheet sandwiched between a 1/2″x1″ wood (metal wood metal wood). Good luck!

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