Cross Training a Schutzhund Dog to a Personal Protection Dog (

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– This is a peek at a personal defense training session with among our in-kennel training jobs. This German Shepherd has a Schutzhund 3 title yet was not related towards the male at the start of the training. What you see is a session that has to do with two weeks after beginning to concentrate the pet dog much more on the guy and also teaching the pet that the man is a hazard as well as not simply a person that plays tug with a sleeve. in this session we begin with a muzzle strike making certain the pet dog is striking the guy with no bite pads present, after that we enable the dog to bite a surprise sleeve in order to help eliminate the irritation of not being able to grip with the muzzle on, and lastly we have the agitator reappear after the covert sleeve is slipped making certain the dog will focus back on the danger and also not the sleeve if he comes back. There is a lot of proofing that need to be done to stack the chances in your favor that the pet will in fact bite when needed if the pet is to be trusted as part of a larger safety plan.

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19 Comments on “Cross Training a Schutzhund Dog to a Personal Protection Dog (”

  1. Can dogs be trained to not abandon their handler in the heat of a forward attack so as to not leave their handler open to a 2+ assailant kidnapping?

  2. I doubt the training was done properly then. Please look up the history of dogs and why we bred dogs to be what they are today. Dogs and more animals are either for one of two things. Something to eat or used as working animals.

  3. Beautiful dog! I’d love to see a video of him after all of this. I’m sure he is fine but, it would be nice to see him calm down right after all of this and be a normal dog again…. great work, you have nice dogs!

  4. if PP training totally changed your dogs personality, then it didnt have the proper temperament and genetics in the first place. A dog with correct temperament and genetics will not change.

  5. …and it wasnt done properly…unfortunately, right now, “trainers” are a dime a dozen, and they all “claim” that they can train your dog for PP…..anyone can teach a dog to bite in DEFENSE, but then you risk screwing up a dog’s psyche and cna make it a basket case if it didnt have the proper genetics and temperament in the first place..Mike and his crew are NOT one of those “dime a dozen” trainers…they know their stuff and I have first hand experience with how great they are!!!!!

  6. It is a well known fact that GSD’s LOVE to work, it’s in their nature, these types of dogs are not lazy couch potatoes and roaming the field just doesn’t cut it, of course there are always exceptions to a rule but these dogs tend to love protecting, working, tracking etc….common knowledge 🙂

  7. DimebagVision, you are a fool and have no class. Sorry I have to block you. Troll somewhere else.

  8. german shepards are great family pets. had em all my life. how you train em bud, do some research, better yet get a dog. sounds like you could use the company anyhow. put the dimebag down…

  9. I love personal protection training, but with the muzzles on the dog when you aren’t using a bite suit, or using a hidden bite sleeve, how do you know the dog will bite bare skin? Do you test that in the end?

  10. @Erick Galindo the dog will differentiate between an exercise and playtime pretty easily. First and foremost the dog is being charged by both its trainer and the assailant by using certain sounds making the dog aware what’s about to happen. Then the assailant takes up an aggressive position and starts threatening the dog thus invoking his/hers survival instincts. So if you are playing around harassing a trained attack dog the way these guys do in practice, then maybe there’s a small chance it would charge you down, but most are trained to only charge on command.

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