Crate Training Siberian Husky Puppy (Long Video)

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Here is Mr Jones going through crate "training" last June (2013). It's a long video, but worth watching until the end (or skipping there) to see him settle down. He was whining for 3-4 minutes before I started recording.

Crate "training" isn't difficult. It just takes a bit of willpower. The most important thing is to stick with it, no matter how much they whine. Eventually a dog will see the crate as it's safe place, often going there by choice.

With a Siberian Husky in particular, I consider crates essential, they can be very destructive when either bored or anxious. No matter how much exercise you think you can give your Husky, there WILL be times when life gets in the way, and you cannot deal with the insanity of a bored Husky if life is stopping you from even walking them for a few days (with me, most recently, this would be when I had the flu).

I think the main issue a dog faces when put into a crate is separation. Often this will be the first time they have ever slept without another puppy, their mother, or freedom to choose.

Your plan should be to play with the puppy or dog as much as possible the day you're going to be crating them overnight. Try to tire them out (they're not going to sleep if they're not sleepy, and the idea is for them to SLEEP in the crate and wake up in there safely). Take them to the bathroom, put them in the crate, then withdraw ALL attention. Carry on your life while they whine. They need to learn to accept that you play with them when you play with them, then you have your own things to do. By ignoring them, you're helping yourself and your dog enormously. Not just with the crate, but accepting you have to do things without them sometimes.

If you need to take them out to go to the bathroom, note their pattern. They will whine, whine, whine, then they'll go through a calm period. Only ever take them outside during a calm period.

Both my dogs (including the one in the video) were house trained from their first night, I took him out every 1.5 hours the first night (yes, it was more tiring than having a newborn baby). I also didn't give him too much to drink the 2-3 hours before bed. Crate training really only took one night, day two he woke me by whining after six hours sleep and I took him outside to pee. The six hour sleeping lasted a couple of weeks and then 9-10 hours happened very quickly.

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14 Comments on “Crate Training Siberian Husky Puppy (Long Video)”

  1. Thanks for this. I thought I was doing it wrong when it was time for naps and bed in the crate when my 3 month old Maltese cried. This is the first time using a crate, second puppy. But my first puppy was big enough to sleep in bed with us.

  2. Although it is a good and effective way to crate train a dog, but when you are doing so you want to make it feel like a positive experience via toys, treats, food etc. Don’t just lock them up and leave them there right away. The more you get them use to going in without the door shut, the less trouble it will be and the less whiny they will be.

    1. There was a total of about 15mins whining, then he was done. He chooses to sleep in there with the door open now as an adult. He had toys, they made no difference to him, as you can see. If you read the video info you can get more info, he was tired and needed a nap at the time he was put in there. The 15mins sapped the last of his energy and he fell asleep. When he woke up – still alive – he seemed completely fine with being in there.

      I actually believe that interaction in the form you are suggested would have been seen by him more as teasing.

  3. Great video , was worried about the whining part being a long process , but seeing this video have me hope

    1. +Jasmine Sierra anyone intelligent enough to realize that the safest place for the dog to be at times would be in there, away from things that could potentially kill it, because they also realize that dogs aren’t fully aware of what an electrical cable is, how things in the trash could hurt them, why they shouldn’t eat the couch, etc.

      Please don’t ever get a dog, especially a Husky. 🙂

    1. Have you tried using a soft crate not metal ? I did that n makes it homely. A comfy bed and small blanket like from airplanes that smells like me and its toy

    1. +A31B Yeah it’s just something they need to learn. They obviously want what they want, and if you show them that you always come back, they’ll learn they don’t need to do it. Huskies are VERY vocal, so may whine or howl more than other breeds do with this though… It can be hard.

    1. Well it’s almost the entirely of his time spent crying in the four years we’ve had him, the end when he calms down should say something. 🙂

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