Crate training puppies and dogs

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Crate training puppies and dogs
Do you want to learn how to crate or kennel train your puppy or dog? I will share some new information about how to crate train your puppy naturally and where to place the crate when you go to sleep.

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17 Comments on “Crate training puppies and dogs”

  1. if we are going out our wee chinese crestedNelly sees me lift my handbag and goes to the crate herself. and settles down. whereas our Lhasa goes straight to his bed. before we crated Nelly and went out she became so nervous and destructive and would sometimes be sick with winding herself up. but she seems to feel safe in crate and knows we wont be long till we come back xx

    1. They are great example for what I was trying to explain in the video. Some dogs love the crate and some dogs don’t care about it Interesting.

  2. So what breed would you say is the best for a family with kids between 3 and 12 years of age ? Thank you ~ Vero

    1. Great question. All breeds can be great dogs for any family as long as we provide them their five daily essential needs. To learn what those essentials are watch the following video: .But in general you need to pick a dog based on it’s energy and personality level. A puppies personality develops as it grows in a family. If the family is hyper and busy, the puppy becomes hyper and active. If the family is quiet and mellow, the puppy turns into a calm and collective dog. It all depends but I this question gave me an idea to make a video about. Hope it gave you some ideas. I’ll let you know when the video is uploaded.

  3. What about when your puppy whines in the crate? I know letting them out when they whine sets them up to think they get out when they whine or get what they want when they whine.

    1. Yes and no. Yes, you may be training and teaching your puppy that if it whines it will get out and will get attention. But no also, because if your puppy is whining, it might be that it is communicating to you and you need to pay attention. Please watch the following video which I explain more.

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