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    2. +millsn7 It seems you were not crate training properly to begin with.  You have to get the dog use to the crate a little at a time.  You have taught your dog through fear, and I don’t trust that he has no anxiety. 

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    1. +Alex Kay I’ve tried all of your suggestions, but he just whines when i leave his eyesight, i come back and wait for him to stop. Then i try again but the crying continues

    2. My puppy did the same thing. As hard as it can be, just let the puppy settle down on their own. I had to do it and my puppy stopped it after the 3rd or 4th time

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  2. I’m tired of all these one type of dog trainings show me a dog trying to run out the crate and how u handle the situation

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  3. No matter what a pet shop owner or dog trainer might say, a dog crate is
    just a box with holes in it, and putting dogs in crates is just a way
    to ignore and warehouse them until you get around to taking care of them

    1. Why you’re so dumb?? I crate train my puppy for potty training. As soon as he was housebroken he slept on the bed with me, then he started guarding my bed and misbehaving, so from then on he sleep on his crate.

    2. I crate trained both of my dogs and one of them still likes the crate. Dogs are den animals and won’t go to the bathroom where they sleep or eat so a crate is a good alternative for house training. Puppies can also be super destructive and being allowed to roam around the house during the night can cause some serious damage.

    3. This is quite possibly one of the DUMBEST comments I’ve ever read—and I’ve read a lot of ’em. Go EDUCATE yourself on how and why people crate dogs. Idiot.

    4. +Macie Fergal
      What you wrote is *NOT* true … I work with dogs, many different breeds, many different ages … what I see is that well-adopted dogs like hanging out and sleeping in their crates (of course their owners make their crates very comfy and homey with fleecy beds, blankets, cushions, toys, etc.) … with the door opened since the crate is no longer a tool to train them but now a “den” for them. Very often, I see dog going into their crate when they don’t feel so well, both physically and psychologically.

  4. how do i stop puppy crying at night im allowing him 2 hr breaks of sleep daytime then play i have a crate like that hes yorkie age 9weeks

    1. Make sure he doesn’t need to go potty. Then do as what Cesar does. And when he is calm put in a chew treat or toy. Then close the door, and walk away. If he still barking, ignore him for the rest of the night he will eventually go to sleep once he knows that barking won’t help. Also before putting him in, make sure he is tired. Take him on a walk that is as long as his energy is. If he is high energy take him on a very long walk.

  5. This isn’t crate training. This is good puppy crate training.

    I think I speak for everyone in, “What do you do when the puppy DOES NOT want to go in the crate?”

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    1. 15 minutes. To practise staying in the crate calmly. This can of course be increased for when you need to leave the dog for longer periods of time.

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    1. IRuinEverything that’s kinda mean. Maybe we should just make dogs into robots. In the future all dogs won’t bark play or do anything. They’ll just be quiet

  7. What a hack this supposed dog trainer is…he has no clue on the fundamentals…shame on Marlo Thomas for having this guy on.

    1. walkaboutcanine here we go. You honestly haven’t seen Cesar 911? Cesar is a very successful dog trainer and he’s rehabilitated countless dogs.

  8. I wait till my puppy has been playing a lot and is really tired and going to sleep near the crate, but as soon as I put him in and shut the door he gets back up and starts to cry and go mad. If I just leave him to settle (even with me sitting right next to the crate) he starts to scream really loud like he is getting hurt. I did everything all these videos say. I did not let him out till he stopped. But he goes on and on for half an hour every single time. Then if I leave him and come back into the room its the same all over again!!!!!!!!!!

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