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  1. People really need to be careful about what they say. It’s actually against the law to harass any service/therapy animal or their handler. In some places they can face serious charges.

    1. Isabel Cintron it’s also a felony to say your therapy or emotional support animal is a service animal

    1. Lol I like how the replies are all grammar corrections.

      Clearly it’s spelled ‘thaiyre’ you fucking dipshits.

  2. The lady in the last video also said that there should be a separate room for people with service dogs because she finds them disgusting.

    1. Lmfao I eat in the same room as my dog all the time. Us both on the bed. He waits to be handed a bite and everything. Honestly most dogs have better training then humans. And a service dog? It’s going to have the ultimate training. Honestly maybe the woman needs to go to a service dog school so she can learn to sit and be silent until needed.

    2. I personally don’t like when dogs are in close proximity to me due to allergies. I have been in a restaurant and just left when a dog came in. I left with no commotion I just asked for my check and left my food and then they look at me like I’m the bad guy. Sorry that I don’t want to sneeze and have watery eyes for the next 3 hours.
      I know that the restaurant will get fined if they refuse them service but for people with sever allergies to pets this whole service dog or emotional support dog craze sucks.

    3. +Onna S I am actually more disgusted to eat with a human like her than a trained animal, because the animal obviouly has self control

    4. +wqwfqf wqwqffwq Please do us a favor and stay the hell away from animals, especially dogs.

      Dogs and cats make better company than judgemental people .

  3. Unfortunately, my dad was one of those people completely ignorant of how you’re supposed to approach service dogs. You don’t approach them at all!

    1. It’s perfectly fine to smile, but do not keep eye contact, touch, or make noises to the dog. It is allowed to go places where other dogs cannot for a reason. Trust me, all SD’s spend months training to be outstanding citizens.

    2. People r so rude to service dogs, I mean the person has a illness and need those dogs to be on duty, not fooling around

    3. Kira Linian what do you mean “why”? Do you seriously not know why it’s wrong to distract service dogs?

  4. first of all people should always ask the owner if its ok to touch their dog. On the other hand, most are uneducated about service dogs and don’t understand the importance of their service. but never approach someones dog and touch them without asking..

    1. OLUCHI OLUWASEYI I agree. People should know this, not just for service dogs, but for all dogs. Don’t just touch someone’s dog.

    2. One of my dogs is a Spitz type breed (Alaskan Klee kai) and they are NOTORIOUS for being 1 family dogs. She does not let anyone pet her besides us unless I instruct her to not do anything. She’s a pet, so she rarely leaves my home (only for walks, camping trips, or visiting a friend) but my worry is one day someone will just run up. Also she’s HIGHLY protective. She’s a good dog. Sweet little 👼 loves kids. Just hates adults who she doesn’t know. Partly cause she has PTSD (got attacked by my cousin and her mom over stupid crap when she was a pup. She was right beside me. ) Also I show some symptoms but last time I asked for help my doctor referred me to a guy who didn’t like me. You see my father used to be a drug dealer. That “therapist” told me I’d be one too. What a jerk.

    3. OLUCHI OLUWASEYI I all ways asked my teacher (who retired, she was awesome) and she had a great Dane who got nervous easily. All of the kids touch her dog, and he gets all jittery. So that’s one of the reasons why she retired

    4. OLUCHI OLUWASEYI exactly, i don’t know what person would go up to a person’s regular dog and touch them without even asking

  5. Here’s an example of how people with service dogs.
    You: Hey nice dog! He’s doing a great job.
    That is all you need to do.

    1. No, you don’t make eye contact with the dog, you look at the handler and say: “I’m sure your dog is doing a great job, give him a pet later when he’s not working from me”

    1. “I don’t like your attitude”
      Imeaditly grabs something off shelf and yeets it twards her with the power of every THOT destroyer knocking out the Stacy.

    1. Therapy animals deserve the same rights. PSTD is a mental illness and so is depression, both are unpredictable. But people act like PTSD is worse than Depression. People cannot die from PTSD.

  6. Hey guys I didn’t plan on this video getting any views at all so I didn’t put all that much research or work into it.

    But now that I know I have an audience, when I do another compilation (for service dogs or any other compilation) I’ll make sure to put in more effort!
    Disabled people! Hello! I’d like to know some reoccurring problems you have so that maybe I could make a compilation video based on that too (so people understand and learn).


    1. Yes I know a therapy dog is different than a service dog

    2. I did not know one of the dogs in here was not a service dog, the source I got it from said it was so I had no idea (the lady stealing the dog), again now that I know people are watching I’ll be more careful

    3. Even if you don’t think service dogs are nessicary, that doesn’t mean you should disrespect them or harrass them.

    4. I myself am qualified to get a service dog ( C PTSD ) but I decided not to for two reasons: 1. It is too expensive, I wouldn’t be able to afford it and 2. The fear of people treating me like how the people in videos are treating the dogs and their handlers.
    My therapist really thought I could benifit from one and I agreed. It’s too bad stuff like this exists, I’m trying to look for another option.

    1. *Styxx N* I can relate to your concerns for your little sister. My grandson has to carry an Epi-Pen at all times in case he encounters any type of cat and certain breeds of dogs because he has a deadly allergy (we found this out the hard way!). As you stated, our family have also taken it upon ourselves to find ways around complicated issues. However, I feel that it was unfair and harsh to call people with SDs ignorant or selfish. Just like anyone else in this world they are trying to live as much of life as they can. The SDs provide the largest majority of their liberty and independence. The SDs should be clearly marked by their vests and easy to see before you get too close to them. As I said, I understand your point, but I am firmly on the side of the SDs on this topic… and we are aware of keeping my grandson as safe as possible. All sides are simply trying to co-exist. Sort of like what the entire world needs to be working harder on. ~Peace!

    2. And I understand what you say but if you read what the other person was saying “I DO what I want, you cant take my freedom” that is not co-existing that’s being selfish and ignorant….so I only returned his attitude back at him/her…..me asking him not to enter certain stores and ordering online is not me telling him to lock himself/herself away its asking for consideration……as food stores allow service dogs(which I am against) but they do offer a service to pick the groceries for you which means you can still go to the store examine the product without stepping foot inside.

  7. Honestly, dogs are their handler’s private property and not for public access. Saying “We should at least be able to pet the dog” is the same as saying “I should at least be able to rummage through your backpack” except it’s even ruder because THEY KNOW that what they’re doing is wrong. Like NO, this dog is not yours so keep your hands away and stop making those stupid noises. Idiots.

    1. also you never, ever, go near a dog you dont know. what if its aggressive towards unknown people for example? i mean everyone knows not to touch a police dog and i honestly dont see why they wouldnt understand a service dog is the same thing

    2. Scarlet Sandz if I ever got a service dog I would ask if I could touch there bag/child if they wanted to touch my dog… You made an insanely good point.

    1. The point of the original comment is that you should always ask to pet a dog even if it’s not a service dog. Its rude and you can’t just go up to a dog and pet it. Service dog or not.

    2. wishBuddy Precisely. Especially because most people don’t know how to approach dogs, and oftentimes like to pet his or her head.

  8. I cringed so much when the newscaster said “therapy dog” XD. It’s either a service dog or emotional support dog. Therapy dogs are quite different.

    1. Therapy dogs are dogs who go with their owners to volunteer in settings such as schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. From working with a child who is learning to read to visiting a senior in assisted living, therapy dogs and their owners work together as a team to improve the lives of other people.

  9. You know the main reason why you’re not allowed to touch a service dog is due to the fact that they are trained that certain things or actions mean certain things, so when you go and touch the dog, you completely confuse the dog and hence loses its training, causing the owner having to start from scratch.

    1. Monaka Towa No, the reason is that you can keep them from doing their job and put the handler in danger. If you distract a SD and they miss an alert, the handler can get seriously hurt.

    2. I know and it’s awful. I have a very well trained service dog of ten years. That is, until people start petting and playing with him and trying to reverse his training. You know how hard it is to retrain a super friendly dog when every time you go out people pay attention to him? Thankfully, now that I’ve had him _here_ for 3 full years, people have gotten used to him and not too many people interact. It’s still stupid and people should still be educated.

    3. Monaka Towa when some one pets a service dog it also distracts the dog from their job and if the handler passes out while their dog is distracted the handler could get seriously injured and could have missed an alert because some one pet the dog.

  10. The dogs are so cute, but I’ll have to respect the fact that they’re on the job and I can’t bother them by speaking and/or pet them.

    1. -SKY- of Wonderland the second one is not a service dog and this lady just stole it for some reason 😂

    2. +Alicia’s Asylum service animals aren’t rare in the US. There are thousands upon thousands of true service dogs in the US.

  11. Wow why would people say PTSD/Fainting isnt a valid reason to have a service dog? Fainting is actually really dangerous! If you don’t have any kind of warning that you’re going to pass out you can injure yourself pretty badly from the fall alone. Some people are so ridiculous smh

    1. Le Twinkoge What in the world? Syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness usually related to insufficient blood flow to the brain. It’s also called fainting or “passing out.”

  12. You guys please stop saying ptsd is not that bad and the people are just overreacting when they are really not, ptsd is serious and not something that should be handled lightly so please don’t disrespect anyone who has it or their dogs because it is illegal and not a good idea

    1. PTSD from actual traumatic events shouldn’t be taken lightly.

      But a teenage female claiming she has PTSD because her mom didn’t buy her the new iPhone should be made fun of VIGOROUSLY

    2. Thank you. I have ptsd like the girl who was passed out on the couch and cant handle when people touch me i dont know. I also have grandma siezures. Ptsd shouldnt be made lightly. Now for the other person yes the ones who fake ptsd because they so called couldnt get there way is horrable. I really wish they knew how it was since im constantly struggling with nightmares of what happened to me.

    3. PTSD is the leading cause of soldier homelessness and suicide and unless you experience it you will NEVER know just how debilitating it can be.

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