Chewrassic Bark | June BarkBox Unboxing with Samoyeds!

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Dinosaurs and sloths and puppies, oh my!


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18 Comments on “Chewrassic Bark | June BarkBox Unboxing with Samoyeds!”

  1. Your dogs are soooo beautiful!!! I want a samoyed pup but I live in a apartment and I think it would be too small for them. Plus in summer is very hot here. And my parents don’t like animals ☹️ But I also think about the dogs and I don’t want them to suffer 🙂

  2. Meeko was so impatient, it was so cute! Love you and your dogs! *_*
    By the way what is one advice you would give any first timer with samoyeds? I surely want to get one in the future!

  3. lol i’m watching this with my 9 month old samoyed and she came up to the screen when you were squeaking the toys, glad to see u back on youtube kait 🙂

  4. The giant sloth is a megatherium. They lived in one of the early ice ages, I think. I’m so glad you posted a new video. I love you guys!

    1. AG Barbie Girl thank you! I was thinking about that while editing and was thinking about the sloth in Ice Age the movie and I was like mayyybe? Love the name- mega anything having to do with a sloth is great! 😂

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