Cat Carrier – Soft Sided Kennel Cab by Petmate Pet Products – Review

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7 Comments on “Cat Carrier – Soft Sided Kennel Cab by Petmate Pet Products – Review”

  1. i have this case for my petite calico but my tabby is to tall do you know any/where i can get a bigger size?

  2. @sadfghjklize You might try Petmate’s dog versions – they’d be larger…I’d post a link, but YouTube won’t let me, so just go to the description of this video to find the link to Petmate’s website and then go to the dog side of things to see what’s available.

  3. you’re welcome – hope he fits – my mom has two great carriers and one would be ideal for him, but i am not sure of the size of it. it’s made by an italian company. if you’re interested, i can try and hunt it down.

    1. you might try leaving your carrier out and feeding her in it – let her get used to it over time and slowly give her treats or something she likes in there.  then when you bring it out for the vet she won’t be so resistant.

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