Can you see the pain in her eyes? I admit – I was scared on this rescue.

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If this video brought a tear to your eye and a little bit of hope, please donate today and help us save more animals in desperate situations like this. YouTube has made it so easy and they will absorb the transaction fee just so Hope For Paws will receive 100% of the funds.

Mary Chatman called me about Yara while she was on her way to church. You may know her name because she also called me about the blind poodle, Fiona – seven years ago! (and many other dogs).

I don't want to tell the whole story here, but I'll post it on our page:

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82 Comments on “Can you see the pain in her eyes? I admit – I was scared on this rescue.”

  1. Wow, this one is truly amazing, Eldad. It’s been a long, long time since one of your rescue has been so scary in that the dog was so aggressive. One thing I’ve learned from this channels are that Pitties are usually the gentlest of dogs, but this girl was in so much pain she couldn’t even stop herself. But, as always, patience, persistence and love paid off. You guys astound me every day.

    1. Em Hu Are you one of those people that trust anything on the news? Pitbulls have a bad rep but they are actually really gentle. She was just scared and in a lot of pain, insecure and not knowing if Hope for Paws wanted to give her more pain or help her

    2. It’s not that pitbulls are more agressive than any other dog. It’s that they are so strong and fast compared to other dogs, that they are more dangerous WHEN they become aggresive. People need to learn the difference.

      That being said, i have nothing against them. I would never get one because i have 3 small children, and we are cat people. 🙂 But i would not let one starve or walk around in serious pain like this without doing anything, and im glad that Zara got help. Pits deserve to be rescued just like any other poor animal, you just have to be more cautious, patient, and perhaps bring different equiptment.

    3. That wasn’t aggression, that was defense. She’s scared, she’s hurt, she doesn’t know this stranger and who knows what she’d been through to lead her to this situation. Of course she’s going to put on a show and bark, but if she were actually aggressive, she would have charged out there and bit him, all teeth and temper.

    1. I love but hate when u put the “when something amazing happend” or something like that, I like it because it encourages me to watch it but HATE it because then I wanna watch it when I wanna watch something else

  2. “No, No! *Dog begins to square up* Here, Here, Here, Here *Throws big piece of food to dog* Eat this, Not me.” 😂
    Very courageous rescue! This is a man who is true to his work.
    @ 4:30 you can see just how bad that break is 😳😬😬And then Right as she’s beside that metal fencing, Her leg is so flimsy. Like it’s made out of rubber. God that must’ve been painful.

    1. +DIY CRAFTY
      If he did that, she’d probably bite his face off. She was clearly in an agressive state of mind at the time and it was too dangerous in that moment to approach her let alone carry.

    2. War Wings Enthusiast Yes Eldad is the man. I really love his work and in my eyes he’s the real dog whisperer. Makes the piece all about the animal not himself. Gentle yet firm and the dogs love him for it too.

    3. Max Dunham Not so much aggressive, Just in a defensive-scared survival state of mind. She definitely would’ve bitten him though, I agree with yah there! And those strong jaws would’ve done some damage.

  3. That look in her eyes at 11:05 hit home right with me. A look of sadness it seemed, As she had just had her leg amputated and was sad to see it go, But also a look showing much gratefulness towards to the courageous man who would stop at nothing to help her. Bravo to you and Loretta.

  4. A few years ago, I took a very bad fall on a rainy street and broke my right leg in four places. Paramedics arrived within minutes and gave me “something against the pain”, and the next thing I knew, I was in the hospital. They quickly got all necessary info from me, and in no time, I was sedated and on the operating table.

    This was no picnic, the next couple of weeks were not completely pain-free, and it took months, before I could walk again.

    But if I was a dog, chances are that I wouldn’t have gotten any help, like the poor girl in this video, before Hope for Paws found her, or that I would’ve been euthanized. At the very least, I would’ve lost my leg, too. It doesn’t seem right that any living creature should suffer so much more than I did, just because it is “just” a dog.

    1. The dog was abandoned so there was no owner hence the suffering that came with the unattended leg. Your injury and paramedic attention is not really a comparable story here. Are you a child?

    1. I don’t. I have seen animals turn on owners for absolutely no reason than there was something wrong that happened to the animal organically. Granted it doesn’t happen often. Sometimes an animal just gets irate from heat, illness or pain and can act out of character. Animals are like people. Most are good but there are actual crazy animals too that don’t act right.

  5. Bless Tara you could see she had been abused and her aggression was through fear and the terrible pain she had been in. She now deserves love and a compassionate forever home xx

  6. It would be nice if you could show the x-rays of the animals, so people can see what is broken. It would boost donation’s for your cause. So people can understand the damage done to GOD’S GIFTS TO HUMANS TO LOVE AN BE LOVED BY THEM.

    1. Lowzy Goo its a dog with a pretty massive bite. Now, if it was a pug, it wouldn’t be as scary, but imagine a full sized dog that’s NOT TAME near your face. Or are you now to stupid to know what a dog is? 😂👏👏😂 I’m so funny.

    1. +James Lucker Agreed. I think whomever threw her away, used her to breed and kept the pups to sell. Some humans can be so heartless.

    2. +cinnamongirl3121 yeah they probably did. She’s a gorgeous pit her puppies probably went for alot n then they were just done with her sadly

  7. Your so gentle, patient, and a true miracle to these poor animals. Your doing exactly what you were put on this earth to do… thats quite obvious! Much ❤ to you. 🌻❤😘🐾🐕

    1. This poor baby’s paw was truly hurt. Poor thing, wonder how long it was alone struggling? Its insane how fast a dog can overcome things. Truly amazing beings. Its hard to believe EVERYBODY doesnt understand how amazing they are! 🐕🐾❤

    1. 🐕🐶🐶🐕💗🐶🐕💞💞🐶💗🐕🐕🐶💞💞🐶🐶🐕💞💞🐕🐶💞💞😃💗🐕🐶🐶🐕🐕🐶💗🐶🐕🐕💗🐕🐶💞💞💗🐕🐶🐶💗🐶🐕💗🦄🦄

  8. Poor Yara! I’m crying for her! This is so sad but its also amazing because if y’all didn’t rescue her she would of had to suffer even longer with her leg being crushed. She is in a much better state now physically and that is so much better for her! My best wishes for Yara!😄😘💛

  9. My dad and I were walking on the street and then I noticed a dog that was average sized on the street and it was just laying there breathing hardly. I didn’t notice it at first but I saw my dad staring at it for quite some time. I was like, dad what’s wrong and he just pointed at the little guy, and it was pretty busy in the street but I could hear it’s breathing heavily. I was around 9 at that time so I was scared if he’d do something but he didn’t. My dad picked him up and he started crying and people were looking at us, it was so hard but a friend of ours that worked in a small diner helped us out so we got him to a vet. Turned out he (it was a boy btw) was a Chinese lion dog (the kinds that were super expensive) and had diaphragmatic hernia, so the vet assumed that he was hit by a car or something. It was so hard watching him suffer but he made it through… We foster failed and ended up adopting him now I use him as my supportive pillow 🙂

    1. before i was born my mom was driving to her work and saw to puppies on the road.
      she named them ayden and blue. they were so young and weak and sick and hurt!
      my parents took them to the hospital, but only ayden survived. )=
      today ayden is my bff

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