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Miller Pet Products presents the DogeDen 60 Series heated and cooled dog house, perfect for dogs 60 pounds and under. Our underground dog house uses geothermal energy to keep pets cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.
The DogeDen is easy to install, stays dry no matter the weather and has an optional tie-out that allows you to use this in an open back yard or out on the farm.
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72 Responses to “Buy A Dog House Underground Dog House”
  1. Tizzle Wilburn says:

    Digging a grave I see

  2. 19Gui86 says:

    Make it bigger, stairs less steep, higher border for rain and or snow, optional door/doggy door, SOLUTION TO CLEAN EXCREMENTS (looks complicated to shovel in that shape). Other wise fun idea.

  3. Tay Tay says:

    Hmm I think I might have to buy one of these for myself. I be hot as hell during the summer. 🤔

  4. Wesley Adams says:

    The entrance definitely needs to be raised. And a sturdy slitted rubber entrance hatch should be installed to keep snow and debris out.

  5. El Wicho says:

    Looks like something I’ll crawl into after going out with the boyz

  6. Amber Strange says:

    Dogs love the treat you threw in There. No idea if it lives the dog house. Judging by how fast it booed out of there is say nah

  7. GirlyGirl Hippy says:

    How would you clean the inside of this!

  8. Octavius 500 says:

    the idea is good, but this is poorly designed

    • Joe Massino says:

      ok mr fucking expert

    • Schwarznigga says:

      phd on doghouse design

    • skeletonboi says:

      It really is badly designed though. The entrance top should be raised and sloped to stop water or snow from getting inside. The entrance should also be larger than the inside of the base, and have a rubber fitting around the edge. Some type of door to stop the elements from ruining the inside would be useful too. Both sides should have ventilation holes, with raised portions to prevent water from getting in them.

      There are a few other flaws, but these are fundamental design functions that even basic engineers would add in. Still a neat idea though, I might go design and build myself one for fun.

    • HGC 4E says:

      Octavius 500 lol exactly what I was thinking

    • Munchy Mutt says:

      Octavi, good point! Honestly the entire concept gives me anxiety.
      What if another bad hurricane season comes up where lots of people have to evacuate. Many won’t because of wealth problems and such. There’s tons of people who leave their pets behind… especially TIED yard dogs. Just imagine coming back to your home two weeks later and finding out it drowned or a rock fell in the entrance and it was trapped underground! >_<

  9. DIAZTV says:

    Do they have one for humans?

  10. SteelersGuy4357 says:

    Still keeping my dog inside where he belongs

    • Jack Leó says:

      Dogs belong OUTSIDE

    • Supa Dooba says:

      you fucking weirdos treating your dogs like they are children are hilarious lol

    • Jave Pizarro says:

      SteelersGuy4357 in America ppl treat animals better than thwir own families. In Puerto Rico we treat the dogs like family so they are free. They run the street and come home at night and sleep. We feed it left over and dog food. But the dog will jot be on kitchen bedrroms period.

    • Haley Williams says:

      I can’t keep my dog in my house anymore my dad he is bad sick and the doctors said to keep him away from animals so I’m trying to find a good way to keep him warm and I don’t like this idea like what if your dog got stuck or hurt him or herself and you would have to un bury it and that’s not good or safe

  11. Agrait lopez says:

    My dogs lives inside with the rest of the family

  12. Kuma ! says:

    wtf why would pets love to get burried outside and not beeing with his loved family

    • Ziffly says:

      Because when dogs are tired they normally look for dark places that are cool to sleep in when it’s hot duuuuh

  13. Death Sweet says:

    This is cool but I don’t have a yard and my dog is gone. Damnit

  14. Valerie Marquez says:

    Dogs are part of the family so why should we keep them outside?

  15. Chris Letham says:

    That ain’t water tight

    • skeletonboi says:

      Exactly my thoughts, the guy who designed it must not have been an actual engineer.

    • Gruf says:

      Im not an engineer and I can take 1 look at that and know water will get in it

    • skeletonboi says:

      Right, but you would then need an engineer to design an efficient water-proof system. I feel like whoever made this simply had an idea and made it a reality. That’s how you get a lot of product failures now ideas. Great ideas, horrible execution.

    • Miles Davidson says:

      Chris Letham rain and snow would easily get in and the dog would track it in making a fucking mess that’s two feet down and hard to get to….such a bad design

    • Chris Suave says:

      Totally watertight. Not a drop of water will get out.

  16. incredibil45 says:

    nice underground toilet, have fun cleaning it

  17. skgm says:

    Wat if a large snake enters and the dog strolls bak in after the days work without realizing and they both hav a qck chat then the doggo realises. Th look on his face😓

  18. Darrin Ros says:

    If I was that dog I would be worried. My family is Italian and when we see someone digging holes in the back yard, well, you know…

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