17 Comments on “Building Dog House – Day 2”

  1. I have a life! I’m doing what I enjoy 🙂 Isn’t that what a “life” is? Maybe you should get one! 😉

  2. Um… constructing shelter is one of the more manly activities a guy can engage himself in. Not to mention the whole ‘building a future’ thing with the skills you’ve nailed down.

    More guys should release their inner geek for whatever projects interest them – but they can’t – so they envy. BTW most of the high school girls I teach are totally crushing on Sheldon Cooper and the guys on Big Bang Theory.

  3. Gotta have a double top plate. You need a double top plate so, you can interlace each wall together. Butt and Through walls need a place to lap over each other. Cutting out the birds mouth and extending the eave would cover up everything anyways. Another reason could be weather. Weather always wins out eventually, A double top plate could extend the life of the dog house. In conclusion it’s not about the dog house but, better construction techniques. LOL nice project 🙂

  4. Not necessarily, the walls are only 2 ft tall, and the entire thing is only 4 ft tall. A few screws in the edges studs holds the walls together plenty. In a real house you would definitely wanna do that though

  5. Yep, live and let live..enjoy your thing, thanks for sharing, my project is a double wall dog house with a doggy door, for our ‘indoor’ dogs who love to be outside 🙂

  6. Depending on your climate, anyone building an outdoor pet enclosure should insulate the floor if nothing else.

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