Building Badassery Boundaries and Other Stuff I Made For You!

Hello, there my sweet friend.

The Compassionate Badassery Collective: a totally free personal Facebook group for individuals that take care of the others (personally or professionally) and want some support around caregivers to stress and self-care. DINOS households are all welcome!

The Building Badassery Boundaries Challenge: it’s FREE 5-day online challenge beginning Monday, June 18th designed to assist those who look after animals (professionally or personally ) to feel confident about what borders are and how to create them so you could take care of yourself and enjoy life (with of the guilt!).
Curious? Join us here!
I will do what feels good. And maintaining this distance – one of my favorite places – open to new posts only feels great.

I hope that I’ll get to see some of you from there, so we can reconnect and high five each other!

From the category, I ‘ll be hosting challenges, answering your questions and facilitating peer conversation… Read More

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