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  1. I admire your care for your dogs.  I would think of using security cameras to monitor your dogs behavior. I would try putting two to a kennel maybe even part time, to reduce anxiety. I would try anti-fatigue mats (harbor freight) for half of each kennel. It may interfere with your wash down process, but I had to mention it.  I stumbled on your sight in search “building a dog sanctuary”, ie. the ideal environment for dogs. If you ever stop using hunting dogs, I hope you become an a dog professional on the side when your not teaching. Thanks also for the video.

    1. The dog was pulling him, some dogs from excitement will raise up and run on their hind legs when held by their collar, the dogs know they will go hunting and very excited.

  2. Great job. Its obvious the dogs are happy and well cared for. Some good ideas that are useful as I build my new dog pen in a few days time. I see that you keep the food in metal bins, and I just read that plastic barrels release some toxins, so I am going to change to metal. Thanks for sharing this…

  3. you lost me with the barrels. you should consider a bed thats safer and more attractive to the dog owner. better safe then sorry, put roofs on all kennels and ensure safety of all dogs at all times.

    1. Justin LeGrande
      How are the barrels not safe?
      I personally would definitely go for the dog igloos, as they seem easier to clean and I just prefer using them.. but I don’t see anything wrong with using barrels.

  4. He dragged that dog by the neck and lifted off the floor! Very sad., cheap dog food and no protection from the snow and wind. Barrels for beds horrible must be like getting into A oven in the summer. He should have made a building with access to outdoors. Like his storage building. Sad they live out their in hot summer and cold winters horrible

    1. He’s in the south there’s no snow, and wind will help keep the dogs cool. These dogs aren’t pets, they’re hunting dogs.

    2. The dog was jumping up. They were just treats. He’s in the south, snow isn’t a big issue. The barrel is plastic and the Kennel is covered. Animals, especially these work dogs not only belong but prefer being outside.

  5. Man sum of guys comments are jus ridiculous, if this man didn’t care or had plenty of love for his dogs, there is no way in da hell he would spend that kind of money on doing his best to house them…

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