37 Responses to “Building A Dog Kennel | Benson’s Kennel”
  1. JustJohns Outdoors says:

    Off the ground kennels is a great way to keep beagles. On wire like rabbit cages .keeps parasites off them other dogs cant breed them accidentally keeps thier feet strong gives them super desire to hunt when on ground. I could go on and on forever about off ground kennels concrete not so good above ground keeps them out of thier own waste too. Much clean environment

    • Benson's Kennel says:

      JustJohns Outdoors a lot of people like above ground kennels. I normally keep my pups above ground until they are at least 6 months old.

    • JustJohns Outdoors says:

      Benson’s Kennel good deal you have nice set up congratulations on your new place

  2. Thomas Schwartz says:

    how do you feed them with so many in one pen

    • Benson's Kennel says:

      Thomas Schwartz I have enough space to put 2-3 in each kennel. However, I have several bowls and they eat out of their own feeding bowl or sometimes they will share a feeding bowl. I just keep an eye on their weight and make sure each one is eating the right portion to maintain the right body weight that I desire.

  3. Nathan Leksell says:

    Do u do this for ur business if so this is a dream job

  4. Michael Hampton says:

    Nice looking kennel there with a nice pack of ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ in there

  5. Michael Hampton says:

    I noticed that you had on that old ๐Ÿค lol

  6. Lemuel Ransom says:

    Nice kennel tremayne

  7. TheCATFISH1949 says:

    Awesome job.. nice . Live Action BK !!!

    • Benson's Kennel says:

      TheCATFISH1949 good deal!

    • TheCATFISH1949 says:

      Benson’s Kennel Really.. we always have had your dogs on the ground, so we know that itโ€™s a blessing to have an overhead kennel. We coming right behind you . This stuff ainโ€™t cheap and has to be planned out . It shows that your plans worked and looking good too . True Live Action at work !!

    • Benson's Kennel says:

      TheCATFISH1949 It does take a lot of planning and funds…I just do a little bit at a time…Iโ€™ve always had most of mine on dirt too. I learned that we have to do whatever works for us until we can do better…lol!

  8. brody north says:

    can you start posting more squrirrel hunting videos

    • Benson's Kennel says:

      brody north we hope to do more squirrel hunting this upcoming season…the beagles normally take up most of my time…I may be able to post a few videos as we train this summer…thanks!

  9. Reelest Of The Reel fishing says:

    You have some well behaved dogs.Calm and quiet. My beagle won’t stop barking if I’m outside and she is in the kennel

    • Benson's Kennel says:

      Reelest Of The Reel fishing I try to train them from a pup to be quiet in kennel. Some do better than others. Appreciate it!

  10. Daniel Maclin says:

    Nice set up broe.

  11. Richard Brown says:

    hey bro u could also try horse stall mats the black one from like tractor supply they work good in all imo good job

  12. William Yancey says:

    Love your new kennels

  13. Keith Jackson says:

    How much do you charge for a puppy when you do sell one

    • Benson's Kennel says:

      Keith Jackson I sell very few puppies and beagles. I normally ask for $200+. I like to keep a lot of my pups so I only sell a very few.

  14. Keith Jackson says:

    Thanks. I told you a few weeks ago about a coyote getting my dad’s female lemon beagle. He still is not over it yet. I was just curious. Rabbit hunting is kind of a lost sport in upstate sc because there isn’t much land anymore but thanks and keep the videos coming.

  15. Tyrell Pate says:

    Do you have any pups available?

  16. LilMerk205 says:

    I like your setup man! I’m gone try to get back into rabbit hunting in a year a so.

  17. Jethro Pearson says:

    Tremaine I have to respect you young man. Thank you for bringing me back to my origin. I am 60 years old but I am enjoying your video. Right now I am st

  18. Jethro Pearson says:

    ill having an issue of keeping my dogs in Dallas Tx or carrying them to my home state Mississippi. We do some serious hunting in the delta. Nice big bucks. Hey got a nice breed of beagles not quite a year old. Give me some insight on training these pups (7 months).

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