Building a dog kennel

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In this video I build a dog kennel for my dogs Toby and Mia. This dog kennel is perfect for them when we have to be gone all day.

Here's the video on how I treated the fence posts.

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50 Comments on “Building a dog kennel”

  1. i have a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois that tear up my house while I’m deployed and my poor wife is back home and working all day. I have two sheds and plan to do this exact build on the smaller shed. Only difference is I live in florida so I have to insulate and ventilate the shed, plus a small exterior A/C unit to keep them cool inside.
    Have you tried the new poly post hole foam? I was thinking of trying it since i have a good portion of sand in my soil.

    1. Cotton Boxer Cause that’s so easy while deployed. And clearly you’ve never worked Maligators and Working Line GSDs. Training or not, if they aren’t worked, they find their own “job” to do (ie murdering your house and maybe the neighbor.)

  2. id be worried the dogs hurt themselves on that chicken wire eventually. I hope not. great kennel and nice roof

    1. Pete B. I really appreciate it. We use to have small dogs so we had them inside more. We have 2 bigger dogs now so we needed the pen. We’ll definitely still your tips lol

    1. I think it was just under $1000.00 and I don’t have any plans on the build, I just had an idea on how I wanted it built.

    2. Well It came out amazing just subscribed to your channel so please keep the projects coming. Best of luck

  3. Wow! You did an incredible job, so much attention to detail. Thank you, I think we might stand a chance building something like this.
    Btw, what kind of maintenance is required with the wood chips? Would you say it’s the best option?

    1. isabelaguirre1 I’m sure you’ve probably already done what you were gonna do but wood chips are a b$&@$ to clean up but I guess its a nice idea if you have a stubborn dog that doesn’t like baths

  4. haha I couldnt stop laughing when you got locked. sorry. smart dogs. I love dobermans 🙂 and it’s a beautiful kennel.

  5. Good video Pete. I have a couple of GSPs and have always had my bird dogs on slabs and always heard the dogs should be off the dirt. That said, I realize I and others could have been misinformed all these years. I need to do another kennel soon but concrete cost is bumming me out. How has your kennel worked a year in now as far as dogs having the mulch? Is it a certain kind of mulch? Thanks

    1. The kennel is working great. The 1/2 inch hardware cloth stops them from digging and the mulch is softer for them and puts a barrier between them and the ground. If a weed gets through I just get a flat shovel and scrap under the chips against the hardware cloth and cuts the weed off. The mulch I used is Cypress mulch and it’s holding up real nice.

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