Building a Bamboo Dog House

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Primitive Evolution: today i'm building a bamboo dog house.
I build a house from bamboo with thatched roof, i made 15cm high from the ground, so water cannot come in.
At the end i make bowl for food and water for him, so now it's perfect for him

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40 Comments on “Building a Bamboo Dog House”

  1. I build his house without any fence close up because I like to give him freedom, he can come in and go out anytime he wishes. He comes and plays with me while i was building, I Love Him So Much
    it’s a raining day, but i still make it for him…
    Please share this video if you like what i’m doing for him

  2. You know he’s just going to sleep under the house and not sure the dog house… It’s not in their nature

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  4. It’s a nice dog house,but give him more security, put mud around the roof and sides,so when it rains it will keep him from getting wet and cold..just a suggestion

  5. You are a life saver! Dog seems so happy to have a little house of his own! You should name him/her, I think he or she suits in the name Ash or Ashy! 🙂

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