Build dog house and Build mini swimming pool for dog

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Welcome to visited my channel and thank you all friend.
In this channel show you the primitive technology and Build dog house and Build mini swimming pool for dog.
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63 Comments on “Build dog house and Build mini swimming pool for dog”

  1. Channel called primitive TV but use modern materials and tools.

    I have never seen a dog reject chicken, that must be some terrible 🐔.

    1. paigow66 that is completely rude when you are telling an 8th grader that she is wrong when she learning about there culture. So how about you back off of my education that I know of.

    2. this is not their culture to go digging swimming pools in the jungle. they dont live like this, they do this just for youtube money.

    3. paigow66 as you can see in their videos they live in the jungle so they will have a hard time buying things so they have to use tools that their ancestors used. Also it seems like they are the only one there since it’s the same people every time. Then, they use Adobe which isn’t brick its a hard block made from mud because brick is hard to make and it’s expensive. I can tell it’s Adobe because it has that line going down the middle. Adobe was used in the 1700’s from the Inca,Aztec and more. So, if you want to continue this fight with a dog house built from them using sticks and not shovels. (Because they would use sticks to dig instead of shovels not for youtube money cause they want to show us what their ancestors did). Then go right ahead and tell them what you have NO idea how they live and you play your race car games. Go outside kid and live a life

    4. Their situation is clearly not that bad and they can surly afford better Equipment if they wanted to, if you take into consideration that they’re making their videos with modern technology. Their clothes alone and the one guys dyed hair also shows that they don’t have that poor of a economic situation. With that aside I think it’s still a good idea for a video, educational in a way to see them build things with less expensive materials.

  2. Great! The dogs are loved in your family! A place for them to have fun besides the human swimming pool…good idea!

    1. Aira Shahi obviously you don’t know much about dogs 🙄 I have had 7 Rottweiler’s in the same house and I am a daughter with a dad who is a dog trainer and I am a horse trainer so me and my dad know more about animals than you do

  3. Why not build the dog house with bamboo, it will last longer,unless you got a contract to build it this way,it’s looks good though

  4. First they were vigorously rubbing the poor dogs face and it was clear he didn’t like it .
    Second, they literally forced his mouth on the chicken and third didn’t you here the cry at 11:06 when they dragged him over the puddle of water shaped like a bone .
    Nice idea but the dog is scared and hates how he lives

  5. Keep your negative thoughts on how they take care of the dog to yourself it’s not America it’s Asia they do things differently so stop judging others on how they live “animal experts”

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