Build Beautiful Wild Dog’s House With Shower Pool

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Hello Everyone,

Today we Build Beautiful Dog House With Shower Pool for our Dog.

Thank you..

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68 Comments on “Build Beautiful Wild Dog’s House With Shower Pool”

    1. 5555 subscribers without any videos challenge YEAH RIGHT and we are going a round and like a have 💵 so do a house when they take there Hans and stuff

  1. I love this two strong boys! ❤❤ They build very beautiful Wild Dog’s house with shower pool 👌👌 Good Job! 👍👍💐💐

  2. Good morning, young people!
    Thank you for this video. ~ I admire your work, very ingenious and without tools! Fantastic! ~ Congratulations. ~ Good weekend. ~ Continuation, hug.

    1. The kids in the video are not the one’s managing the youtube channel. I assume the owner of the channel is the guy who bought these kids.

    2. winxclubfan atyourservice
      Undeveloped country
      Two young men working day in, day out making small projects
      No advertisements placed anywhere in the channels
      I’m not positive but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that these young men are owned by some old white guy in remote Africa/Asia

    1. I doubt they will, and if they do, I cannot judge them. It is their culture, and they must do what it takes to survive. They also normally only hunt fish and other land animals, not dogs.

  3. I don’t even care if the water doesn’t look like the picture water I just like to see them build and what it looks like after, it’s cool those dogs are so beautiful

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