Build Beautiful House For Abandoned Puppy | Build Mini Puppy Dog House

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Hello everyone welcome to our channel Primitive Living. Few days ago we found an abandoned puppy behind our farm. We decided to build a mini house for the cute puppy and feed it. The whole mini house structure is built from bamboo. We also has 2 small water pool in front.
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39 Comments on “Build Beautiful House For Abandoned Puppy | Build Mini Puppy Dog House”

  1. Awesome dog house, great job on the enclosure. You are a handy guy to have around, hope the puppy takes care of you as much as you take care of him.

    1. Gghhhhhh a couple minutes from their home the world cup series the next couple things we just started working so it’s hard and tell us the world you don’t even need of these companies for example you to go back in school district court that sounds fine jj

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