Build a Doggone Good Dog House Heater

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Build a doggone good dog house heater using simple tools and very little in the way of supplies.
This dog house heater will warm the inside of the dog house to about 20-30 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Treat your dog right and help keep him warm in the winter months. This heater in combination with straw makes for a comfortable doggy home. Check out my dog art gifts:

00:13 Find old paint can (make sure it's cleaned out) and drill holes in the can and lid.
00:16 Paint it flat black.
00:47 Wire the romex cable to the light fixture.
01:02 Run cable through bottom of can.
01:09 Hook up other end of romex cable to male plug adapter.
02:11 Go inside dog house and screw can to interior of dog house – as high up as you can get it (basically out of the way of the dog when he is lying in the dog house).
02:29 Now run the romex cable out of the back of the dog house.
02:35 Now plug it in and it should work. Also, remember to route the extension cord up high or maybe even underground to keep it away from the chewers. For my dog, I ran the cord up high around a tree and then over to the deck where I plugged it in.

Supplies I used:
• Romex cable 12-2 G
• Paint can (buy a new empty one)
• Light fixture
• Screws
• Male plug adapter (purchased this at Lowe's)
• Light bulb (40-60watt)

Tools you will need:
• Screwdrivers
• Drill
• Wire cutters and wire strippers (or some type of utility blade)

This dog house heater was simple to make and I made it in about an hour.

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39 Comments on “Build a Doggone Good Dog House Heater”

  1. It’s neat but if your dog likes to rip the hell out of everything and anything like mine that neat little invention of yours would be a fire hazard. Yet for a sweet little calm dog it’s perfect.

    1. My dog was like that when he was a little younger, but he never bothered the heater inside the dog house. What I did have to be careful about was the extension cord. I ran it up high above the dog house and he has never touched it.

    2. Semper fi
      My gsd loves to chew on everything. I put a blanket inside the dog house she goes and takes it out and its somewhere on yard. How can i train her to stop doing that when i dont caught her act? Very frustrating. I do it to keep my dogs warm.

    3. you have to train them young, if your dog is still under 2 years old I think you can still train him, even at an older age. All dogs have to know who the alpha is, you. There’s a method which some find “crewel” which helps establish that alpha respect from your dog. With your fingers jab him on the shoulder or upper rib cage (lightly) to get his attention when ever he is out of line. It simulates an alpha male (in the wild like wolves or coyotes) nipping at one of his pack members to keep them in check. It doesn’t hurt the dog, just startles him. Get what ever he chews up and destroys, put it in front of him and jab him. Keep him there in front of the item until he loses interest and turns away. If you place the item in front and he shows any type of interest, jab him. It could take a few sessions. You don’t necessarily have to catch him in the act. hope this helps. Watch some Cesar Milan videos which really help.

    1. Warmer than zero. 🙂 I have found that the heater keeps the dog house about 20-30 degrees warmer than outside. And putting straw in the dog house and having it insulated (like mine) helps as well.

    1. My has been going for years and no fire. Have an electrician look at it if you are worried about your setup. Using a 40 watt bulb, the can doesn’t get overly hot. It has never bothered my dog either. It’s also high enough that he doesn’t touch the can. I also put the lid on the can so the doghouse isn’t brightly lit when he’s in there. Hope that helps.

  2. can you use a red chick warmer light bulb or other higher watt light bulbs? It gets up to 14 degrees at night here in the winter

  3. these work great been using for years, you can get a new empty paint can at home depot for like 5 bucks rest of hardware for under 25 bucks place it above the height dog comes in house they dont even bother with it and mine likes to rip up everything.. this with an insulated house and a spring loaded swing door or vinly flaps keeps the house much warmer than outside temp… no danger of fire unless you cant do simple wiring..

  4. You can buy a heater lamp at Racebros. for about $12.00, some people use them for chickens, and hang them over your dog. You can get 150 or 250 watt bulbs. I have used these for years in dog houses and on my back porch. Don’t forget to hang a smoke alarm for extra peace of mind.

  5. my dogs have been outside at -30 degrees (not usual), they do not freeze unless they don’t have adequate food, water and windbreak (like low branching trees, a hole, haystack, doghouse…). I prefer to have them warm and comfortable however, so they do have a doghouse with hay/straw inside.

    1. katforgiven yes, dogs do pretty well outside even with minimal protection. And like you said the best thing you can do is to make sure they have plenty of food and water.

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