Bite Club Clip 5-16-15 (

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Personal Defense Dog Course for private citizens. Today's course we did a surprise situation in a little grocery store. Pet dogs at different degrees as well as their handlers are finding out calmness as well as confidence when confronted with realistic dangers. Dogs in this class must finish advanced obedience initially as well as proprietors should reveal efficiency in managing their canines safely in public.

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44 Comments on “Bite Club Clip 5-16-15 (”

  1. One day,Gene Simmons is walking to a show when a German shepherd fly’s out of no where and takes him out XD. !!!! Lol jk 🙂 ( is the dark one a gsd or a dutch shepherd?)

  2. The black shepherd is Gypsy? Little Gypsy the obedience demo pup? Wow she’s all grown up. Nice dog

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    1. +Ricky Rivera That dog and owner did great! We stress for the owners to focus on an escape plan, so we work heavily on the dog responding to a recall command during the chaos. Specifically the dog is trained to listen mainly for his/her individual name instead of trying to listen for the many commands when many people are yelling and talking. After, the dog hears his name, it is easier for the dog to then focus on a specific command such as “come”.

  3. Is it me or we’re the dogs first confused? Seems like they were much more concerned of their owner’s safety than others which is fine, after all they are personal protection dogs are they not?

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