Best way to teach a puppy to come when called (

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Train your young puppy to find when called making use of favorable support and also training ideas that work. We have complete sets of dog training video clips from basic to sophisticated as well as videos making use of just favorable reinforcement and also video clips that likewise include humane self-control. Objective specialist training videos at

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36 Responses to “Best way to teach a puppy to come when called (”
  1. James Monroe says:

    I’ve been doing phase 1 with my dog and he will only respond and come when I have a treat in my hand. Any tips and advice on how to make him be able to come even when I don’t have a treat in my hand? Sorry for such “newb” questions. I am a new dog owner! Very happy and excited! Thanks in advance!

    • Marvin Tamayo says:

      Тhe truth is, dogs have their unique wаay tooo think, and when you want tоo tеach your dooog аdvanced lessons аnd tricks, you ought to pеrceive the secrets behind their actions Watch here ==> Best way to teach а puppy to cоme when сallеd K9 1 cоm

    • Johnny R says:

      OG KUSH for some dogs it takes longer, so maybe the amount of time you think it will take you need to multiply it by 10, and spend that much time on each step, hope this helps

    • Randall James says:

      Hey there. So this is so this is a common misconception popularized by traditional dog trainers that rely on tools to make life unpleasant when their dog does not perform as desired. Here’s a video that will explain the dominance myth: ==>

    • Sean Don says:

      Don’t use treats use positive statements like good boy or yess

    • Crystal Taft says:

      James Monroe our trainer said to only give treat everyother time.

  2. Andy Star says:

    Bloody hell the lady is so sexy 😉

  3. Bruce Wayne says:

    dat butt

  4. rosshoss22 says:

    I wish she’d train me

  5. A M A Z O N says:

    Why is it that the videos with women trainers get comments solely based on their appearance and not their skill? Some of the comments here were crude and disgusting.

  6. Ryan Michael Tuerk says:

    I recently added a new Doberman puppy to my pack. Your videos are excellent! I just wanted to add, thanks to your clear and detailed explanations, I have been experiencing great success with my new little girl. Cheers!!!

  7. Karen Durant says:

    So many pervy comments.. :I
    And im just here for doggy training..

  8. ThatGuy says:

    Trust me if she called I would have nothing else better than to go to her. ; )

  9. Carlos Santos says:

    ill watch all her vids just to see her

  10. Antonio Barrueta says:

    I wonder if she likes doggy 😉

  11. Cleetus says:

    Love the boots, you could kick the crap out of me any day.

  12. ItzAron says:

    At 1:33 the dog is like :,, GIMMME THAT TREAT”

  13. K24 PAPI says:

    She is fine af

  14. ImJosephh says:

    she’s lowkey fine.

  15. levon white says:

    anybody notice she kinda thick?

  16. KinglyMass says:

    Omg so many pervs in the comments

  17. Isabela Hart says:

    Jesus guys stop with all the sexist comments anyways really good video starting to train my German Shepard she’s slowly getting it

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