Best in Show Ceremony | WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW (2018) | FOX SPORTS

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Watch the most effective in Show event from the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Canine Show

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51 Comments on “Best in Show Ceremony | WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW (2018) | FOX SPORTS”

  1. This dog while great did not deserve the win. I think these decisions are controlled and not based on honesty. The pug should have gotten the win.

    1. Weirdanimalboy: that particular dog does not have it. He would have never made it that far if he did. He wouldn’t even qualify to be at Westminster if that were true. Only the best of the best get to that level.

    2. That’s false. Many terrible dogs have gotten to Westminster. A Pekingese that had to have surgery to fix a defect he was born with that prevented him from breathing properly. German Shepherd Dogs with low set hocks. Bulldogs with no health testing at all. And now a Pug wins the Toy Group, even though he has moderate hip dysplasia. Here’s his health results. Moderately dysplastic, one grade above the worst hips you can get. And his results came back June of 2017. Biggie’s owner had plenty of time to forfeit his show career and retire him from breeding, as this is a disease with genetic factors. Yet, Biggie is still being studded out and is claimed as a Grand Champion.

    3. I might also add, that the Pug has the second worst rate of hip dysplasia and the second worst rate of elbow dysplasia. I wonder why. Maybe because so little are being health tested, and dogs that come back with bad results are deemed acceptable? More Labradoodles have been tested than Pugs have, and Labradoodles have come back with much better results.

  2. I was hoping Lucy the borzoi would win, but Flynn the Bichon Frise is a wonderful dog too. Congratulations Flynn!

  3. Like it or not, this dog showed very well. He just oozed that hallmark happy bichon personality and when all the other traits are perfect, this puts him over the top! This is a companion breed and they absolutely MUST have that cheerful personality. Congrats Flynn!

    1. Floridafanatic28 I love Bichons (owned several. Looking for another), but JR had TONS more personality. Nevertheless either Flynn or Biggie were my favorites.

    2. @Hutchlover Ds, yes he did, but Flynn wasn’t being judged against JR was he? I have owned 5 including the one I own now. I also own a Shichon. Lovely breed!

    3. JR was a once in a lifetime dog. Good luck finding another Bichon, I have a rescue Bichon now. She is very sweet and loving.

    1. We had a border collie on our cattle ranch when I was younger. One night a huge storm blew open the gate in a feedlot which held 200+ head of cattle. Our Border Collie sat in thee open gate and kept the cattle in. It was a horrific storm,lasted the entire night, and my faithful friend guarded the cattle. It rained, thundered , lightening, and hailed. Muffin was soaked but he stood guard. RIP old and faithful friend.

  4. I’ve never seen so many dogs spook at the cameras, makes me wonder if they switched something up with them this year. Without the spook the Giant Schnauzer would have won hands down, the Sussex charmed the group judge with his antics, handler got greedy attempting it with the BIS judge, the Borzoi wasn’t as “on” as she was the first night. I was expecting the Pug or Border to sweep up, the Bichon seemed a left field decision to me.

  5. Woo Hoo Happy the Bichon won. Had 3, father, mother, and son…recently lost dad to old age…Bichons are comical, loving and are great watch dogs!

  6. The giant schnauzer was my favorite, and although I would’ve love to have seen it win best in show, second place isn’t bad either.

    1. I absolutely love Pugs. They’re my all time favorite. I’m just happy to see the breed make it to Best in Show. I’ve watched a lot of dog shows and they usually never even make it that far.

  7. The woman must have been impartial to that breed because the bichon frise wasn’t very well behaved in comparison to a few of the other dogs.

  8. Handler of Norfork terrier reminds me of the handler of Norfolk in Best of Show movie. Glasses are same and the large shoes.😂😂😀😀🐾🐾💕💕

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