Best Buy OxGord Wire Metal Cage Pet Cat / Dog Double Door Kennel

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Best Buy OxGord Wire Metal Cage Pet Cat / Dog Double Door Kennel

Product Description

These premium quality OxGord Metal Pet Crates are crafted using commercial-quality materials and superior manufacturing. They are built for long-lasting durability and security using an all-steel, high tensile-strength wire that is securely formed and welded into a tight mesh pattern. The crates feature a single door that locks easily with a slide-bolt latch. Finished with a durable black Electro-coat finish, these crates are rust, corrosion, and fade resistant even in extreme climates. To set-up, simply unbox and fold open; no tools are required. Each crate features a lightweight, slide-out tray made of durable ABS plastic. The tray features a lip around the perimeter and is held in place with a retaining bar making it easy to remove and clean without needing to open the crate door. With the rounded edges of the crates, your pet is contained in a safe environment where they cannot injure themselves on any sharp metal pieces. Also included is a free divider panel that allows you to adjust the size of the living area for your pet while it grows. When not being used, the crates collapse into a package less than 4 inches tall, which is perfect for easy storage or carrying with the included removable top-mounted handle. For maximum comfort, the crate should be sized 4 to 6 inches longer than your pet's body length and 4 to 6 inches taller than its shoulder height. With a crate as rugged and versatile as this, you can take care of housebreaking and behavioral problems for many years to come. The OxGord Metal Pet Crates work so well, my wife even wishes they had one in "husband" size. Dimensions – 20" x 13" x 16"


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One Comment on “Best Buy OxGord Wire Metal Cage Pet Cat / Dog Double Door Kennel”

  1. This crate is the cheapest I have ever seen.  Lasted only 1 day for my dog and it is a small 10 pound dog, and she broke out of a large crate!!!!!!  I will never get one again and will complain to the BBB.  Also, I did not receive a divider when it said it was free and my crate only had 1 door, when advertised 2 doors.  An absolute scam!!  The name of the seller is Akiva Nourollah.

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