Best American Bully Facility – Muscletone Bullys

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Big shout out to Bashar over at Muscletone Bullys, home of BBATV mascot Magoo, in this video he takes you on a tour of his facility. I must say this is one of the more impressive facilities I have seen for dog breeding. It's more like a small college campus than dog kennel. It has great buildings for cover, a huge pond, and a lot of green grass for the dogs to exercise. If you like to get in touch with Bashar you can find him at

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36 Comments on “Best American Bully Facility – Muscletone Bullys”

  1. No one sells papered dogs for $2500.00 – $5000.00 to put in a ring. Do some research first before you open your mouth and stupidity falls out! These breeders are changing the face of Bullys to re-construct the publics view of this breed. They do endurance, weight pulling, and pretty much whatever any other dog can do. So, educate the possibilities that your view is outdated in the least!

    1. they are a way to big to be micro type. There is a Muscletone kennel in Belgium, I saw them, absolutely not micro!

  2. this isn’t animal abuse but it is a form of puppy mill. being in bull breeds for 20 years now not owning more than 3 at a time I can tell just by looking at these dogs that most have allergies you can tell from the hair loss around eyes and pink sopts here and there to bad bully breeders today are doing it for the MONEY!!! because not health testing dogs before breeding your just selling health problems I know a lot of famed bullies of today have died young from health issues

    1. +Ronan Stewart I love the Carolina Bully farms videos. Those dogs are always out running around. I also like that C Bully Farms only breed their females 3 times.

    2. This guy probably never pay attention to his dogs c bully farms treats his dogs like trophy’s always admiring and cleaning them ie spending time with them and careing for them

    3. Everyone Can Learn a Thing or Two from @carolinabullyfarms they treat their Bullies The way we all should be treating them!!!

    4. I think Carolina bullies is just as bad .. one can clean and brag about their dogs , but when you make videos about how much money you’ll make with ears litter and have your clean well bragged about dogs running. Around with their knees popping in and out and some with clear hip problems .. those are the real issue

  3. Looks like animal control! No tender loving care. Barking just like the pound as well. Everyone i have shown this to has been upset. A very clean prison.

  4. Hey bro, i love your bullys and watch all of your updates.
    I look at other kennels and people that are trying to bring that pocket look.
    So i’ve made up my mind…i would like to buy one from you guys,but bruh your prices are SOOO HIGH!
    You web site says $18,
    Its like you guys dont want people in the public to have one. I a regular week to week truck driver,and i cant reach that high.
    Do you guys just sell to other members in your camp?

  5. Ahh…got any beds for the dogs…or toys..or anything to play with ? Forget that crap of a pond or chickens to chase when you cant even give them something to play with now. looks like a medical research kennel. Doubt they have ever been outside in that crappy area around the ” kennel”. Before you do another video you might consider what improvements you need for your dogs now…not some pipe dream. Im sure you like your business ,cause thats what it is..their not your family pets..but at least dont keep them in a sterile environment. Thanks.

    1. +pumpkin pie When you are a breeder, you have to keep your dogs in a sanitary sterile environment to keep disease at bay. Not to mention if you don’t there are people called the Humane Society & animals rights extremists who will come in, they will take doggies, doggies go bye bye, big lies told about breeder & conditions in kennel, breeder go bye bye lots of jail time, breeder labeled puppy mill, life ruined.

    2. dogs don’t need beds nor toys… theyre dogs… it’s awesome they have chickens… not a lot of people get chickens for their dogs.

  6. PS :: To the haters:: If you look far an deep enough in the cage , you CAN see the 2 inch thick Comfortable rubber carpet bedding area, larger than most of your bathrooms. LOL.. Haters gonna hate. What’s happened do the can’t move, breathe , walk , run and stand type bully haters??? Damn !!! They’re even Happily Barking Now !! Props to BBATV. Remy Màrtin Pitbull type owners should take a look at this video. Only they know what I Mean, Oh yeah and BBATV!!! Congratulations to Muscletones also. And RIP Remy.. Champ of Champs!!!

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