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  1. Really cool! Our dog would disappear in there in seconds! (Or, he might sit on top of it as he does his house here on our porch!) Crazy dogs!

  2. I would’ve put a second bed on a tiny upper platform so it can be naturally heated. Sun heats the roof, heat goes up, heats gets trapped under the roof, doggy has an awesome night. A piece of fabric on top of some below-ground-level concrete is the coldest thing.

    With that much volume it would be nice for the dog to choose if he wants a cold or a warm night.

    1. Straw could be put into the chamber to help in the winter, but I do agree that it would still be very cold. For those few percent that could pull it off, a solar panel could be installed with a temperature gauge.

      For the mass population w/o great building skills, it would have to be built different for winter and summer months.

      I DO love this project, I want to make something like this with many chambers for all the “feral and dumped cats that I care for.

    1. “below ground dog house”  The dog house is CLEARLY not below ground…..  Do I seriously have to explain further?

  3. Wow, nice! You installed a brick porch and even put flashing on the roof edge. That doghouse should last for a very long time!

  4. Love it when people make really nice things for their animals. Question though, does the dog have access to the home as well, is he part of the family?

    1. Gargoyles, don’t you just cringe when people reply “It’s a dog!” I want to force them to stay outside on a chain with only a mid-weight jacket (as fur) for an entire month in the winter to see what it’s like. When a dog is shivering, they are COLD. Animals get frostbite – especially when chained w/o proper shelter. At the minimum, they are miserable most of the time in the winter.

  5. I hope the dog doesn’t live in there.  He needs to be living in the house with the family.  The dog house is adorable but should only be used as a playhouse when the dog is outside playing.

    1. The vulgar, rude comments are ridiculous when people are concerned about animals needing to be inside in the severe temp months.

      I watch a number of people around my neighborhood that doesn’t take care of their dogs and I watch and listen to the dogs suffer. Animal Control is too scared to confront some of these people.

      For those of us with empathy toward animals, it is painful to watch ignorant people even own pets” – or trophies – or just to have them for whatever reason they do and NOT BE responsible and compassionate.

  6. 1963bus, do you have an update on how this underground dog house has held up? I love this design and have had it in my favorites for several years now. I’m curious how cold this gets in the winter and hot in the summer? Have you put a temp gauge in it to see?

    I’d like to have one made on a very large scale with many compartments for all the cats that I take care of — esp those that are feral and don’t come in my home. It’s going to cost me a lot now, esp since I would have to hire someone – too many health issues and worn out. I make shelters stuffed with straw and keep them cleaned out and replenished each year.

    FYI for others: NEVER USE MOLDED STRAW FOR ANIMALS – it’s terrible for their health. Say no-thank you to free molded straw. The animals will end up with upper respiratory infections and NOT enjoy being in it to stay warm

    I think this (altered) design would be great summer quarters for my cats. I’m not sure about winter. Fortunately, I have west and north walls in an alcove at my back door patio area for a lot of my straw stuffed shelters.

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