Bean the Sussex Spaniel wins the Sporting Group | WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW (2018) | FOX SPORTS

March 31, 2018 by  
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Light Beam the Sussex Spaniel wins the Sporting Group

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20 Responses to “Bean the Sussex Spaniel wins the Sporting Group | WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW (2018) | FOX SPORTS”
  1. Jackson The Legend says:

    First one commented

  2. Javier Miranintes says:

    Weimaraner was the best looking dog by far

  3. Dorothy Beck says:

    I was rooting for Striker, but happy for Bean!

  4. Marc OfThe6IX says:


  5. Jerry Brooks says:

    I always root for the Springer 🙁

    • Jonathan Bethards says:

      Jerry Brooks Me too! My dad has had them since before I was born, has used them as hunting dogs, but no matter how birdy or how great a retriever, they are even better family dogs. My first dog that I owned was a springer: Sir Buddrick of the Mokelumne ( a river near my home), but he was just Budd or Buddy to my fam who ALL adored him. Had to put him down 3 yrs ago and it still hurts dearly, but he gave me so much joy and pure happiness that my sadness only lasts until I REALLY remember him. See you on the other side Budd, luv ya!

  6. Mel C says:

    I loved Striker and Bean….Bean is such a handsome ham xoxoxo

  7. Debbie Burke says:

    Didn’t realize sitting up was part of the standard.

  8. Kim Anderson says:

    Bean deserved his win! He should have gotten Best in Show…Next year, Mr. Bean ❤

  9. Michael Lehman says:

    If the audience could have voted, Bean would have won Best in Show. He was definitely the crowd favorite.

  10. Morgan Hall says:

    Bean you won the award . . . of my heart~<3

  11. Marsha Conklin says:

    Bean is amazing. Always a winner no matter what. Go get em next year

  12. jamnjam says:

    He won my heart!

  13. H Y says:

    What a goofball. So cute. 😂

  14. kwgrid says:

    Bean is adorable!

  15. Peggy Sinclair says:

    Bean is a beautiful dog.  His coat bounces when he walks.  He won my heart.  I think he should have won best in show with the border collie as runner up.

  16. chocolatewheelchair says:


  17. unicorn 0 says:

    A walking floor mat 😍😂

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