BARKBOX Unboxing

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FTC disclaimer: this is not a sponsored video

Get Available Barkbox Bonus Offers and Coupon Code Here!!!

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48 Comments on “BARKBOX Unboxing”

  1. stop it with commenting first there are like like 5O first already it does matter who sees the video first or last the important thing is every one gets to see it ☺

    1. +roughredneck 22 44 45 Nope, simple logic that the person who uploaded the video would be the first viewer, however thanks to the new update to youtube, their views are not counted. if you scrolled to the very bottom of the comments you will see the first person to comment, but like I said he/she/it probably wasn’t the first viewer.

  2. Wow 1 unlike(must be a cat lover) Meghan good news you must be doing something right if there’s only one like!👍🏻

    1. Wow 1 dislike (the person who disliked must be a cat lover) Meghan good news, you must be doing something right if there’s only one dislike!

  3. Anyone else concerned about the scars on her leg, during the close up treats shots? They look too narrow and precise to be from like falling down and scraping.

    Megan! What are those from!!

    1. +Jim Joplin Well, you can’t really say a person is too happy and positive to hurt themselves or something, alot of people can seem perfectly happy and all and then the next day they’re gone forever. Trust me, I know, I have lost people I care about and sohave many others, alot of the time it can be the ones you expect the least. Nobody would have guessed that my uncle would kill himself, yet 17th of december many years ago he did just that.:/ That being said, thes are obviously not from a person harming themselves as they are hardly even visible and would have been incredibly shallow, but nice to see people care about others instead of people just hating.:)
      And I know animal scratches, these are just that.:P Doys, cats, birds, rays, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters and even pigs, goats, cows and so much more have scratched me in various degrees (some if thenones I included are from hors or teeth but still scratches).:P So I know an animal scratch when I see one.;) Have also been cut by knives, scissors and various other things, so I know how that looks as well.:P
      If the scratches seen here were to be cuts they would have been more about attention and things like that as they wouldn’t really do anything, they’d hardly even bleed more than a few seconds. I dated a girl that cut herself real bad, so I know what that looks like and what minor “look at me, I’m emo” cuts look like. Just wanted to add this into this discussion. Take care and stay safe.:)

  4. Oh! She is so lucky! She has that perfect voice and doesn’t have to do the high pitched one that I do when I’m talking to my dogs…..

    Btw Megan your the best!

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