BARKBOX UNBOXING | September 2018

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Hey beautiful friends! My husband and I open our beagle's BarkBox for the month of September!
If you'd like to try BarkBox, you can click on this link, and Jasper would get a free month:
Your pup would get a free box as well when you sign up, if you use any of these codes:

Thanks for watching!




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19 Comments on “BARKBOX UNBOXING | September 2018”

  1. Jasper is just so cute! Question for you does he bark a lot? I want to get a beagle but heard they are loud, I already have one mouthy dog not sure if I can Handel another 😂.

    1. He can pretty loud! He’s normally loving and fun but he has an attitude and will just bark at us to let us know he’s not happy. He’s still a puppy though and we’re training him, but yes, he has a loud bark and howl. I think he’s adorable though!

  2. Jasper is so cute! I was watching this and my dog was asleep, until your husband squeaked the ball. Haha my dog woke up and started looking for the toy, it was adorable.

    1. Thanks! Jasper does that too! Also when we’re watching TV and there’s a dog barking or making any noise – he’ll start looking for it.

  3. YAY! I love Jasper videos! We are in obedience training with Molly right now and there is this dog, Vinny, who reminds me SO much of Jasper, I love him! “Lickton” iced tea lol! BarkBox is so punny! I haven’t filmed this month’s yet with Molly, but I think we got totally different toys – I love the variety!

  4. Cooper loved his statue of liberty head, but destroyed his iced tea! Hopefully Jasper loves both of those toys too! He’s getting so big!

    1. Jasper has also destroyed his iced tea! At least it lasted him a couple of days. I have a feeling he would get along great with Cooper!

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