BARKBOX Unboxing | September 2016

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BarkBox is a monthly subscription box that sends your cute puppy two treat bags, two toys, and a chew bone every month. I can't have any more referrals since I have maxed out but the link below will get you a free box when you sign up as well as get the person a free box! Be sure to leave me your own BarkBox referral links below to use one next week!

BarkBox has informed me that all their treats are made in the USA or Canada even though they forgot to add the label to the packages!

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Both toys are still alive for now.

Here is Nook's instagram:

Silla's Instagram:

And Amarok's instagram:

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box that will send you treats (all made in the USA) and toys every month! You can choose between small (0-20), medium (20-50), and large (50+), and if you want to upgrade to have an extra toy each box, you can! You can also email and request to have only more durable toys if your cute puppy is a heavy chewer.

Get Available Barkbox Bonus Offers and Coupon Code Here!!!


40 Responses to “BARKBOX Unboxing | September 2016”
  1. Hannah Hays says:

    Totally agree on the USA rule. Just sketchy

  2. Barbi J says:

    I am TOTALLY anal about the treats my Lulu gets!  I would never risk her health or her life even on a treat.  If it doesn’t say US or Canada on the package , she is NOT getting it because anyone can write anything on a website. Sorry!  It made my day when I saw that you weren’t going to give them the treats without being absolutely sure!  xoxo!

    • Awsome Pug says:

      I love barkbox I get them every month they have really good stuff

    • Jessica Cornejo Wences says:

      Hello! I’m a new pet owner so please don’t think I am trying to be rude or sarcastic, I am genuinely curious as to way it is healthier to give your dogs treats made in the U.S.?

    • Shannon Burke says:

      Jessica Cornejo Wences it’s because regulations in other countries aren’t as strict with their dog food/treats. But like people said in other posts it doesn’t mean just because it’s made in the US that it’s heathy for your dog.

    • Jessica Cornejo Wences says:

      Shannon Burke, Oh okay, thank you for the information! 🙂

    • Yee says:

      I would give my dog food from everywhere expect US and Canada

  3. Brooke Reed says:

    I have a bark box code is anyone wants to use it! it is 1KU9BNDGEN (:

  4. Lauren Hannah says:

    This was magical.

  5. Amber Auckram says:

    do you know they eat dogs in China and why would you say you love nanook the most so he gets the treat why don’t you chop it up for all three dogs , the dogs really love you so I am really disappointed you said that. amber

    • Connor O'Brien says:

      +Amber Auckram I have heard that yes. Nook is the only one that is mine. The others don’t belong to me. I love them, but Nook is my pup. Connor

  6. EllieTheLesbean says:

    I love your dogs eyes they are so amazing

  7. wiser 1 says:

    every time the milk toy squeaked my puppy wanted to steal my

  8. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

    Subscriber level +1 You have gained a new fan!

  9. 10293847563847755666 says:

    Treats from china may sound suspicious. But as long they are not from Korea

  10. debbie starkey says:

    i am glad to see that you are a smart and caring pet parent.

  11. Ana Knezeviv says:

    why do you keep favoring one husky no offese

    • Connor O'Brien says:

      I have said this in so many videos and a reason why I might just cut them out of future videos, but Nanook is the only dog that is mine. I include other dogs to be nice, but I’ve been harassed about the other pups that I’m not responsible for, so I think I just won’t include them anymore since people have gotten up in arms about them.

    • ssbrosking36 says:

      Connor O’Brien it’s totally normal to have a slight favorite dog even if they are all yours. You want one dog to be the Alpha in the dog pack. Obviously aside from all the humans in the house.

    • Laila Shah says:


  12. Coralsdog 343 says:

    arock is a wolf

  13. Forevergeo says:

    Nice huskies I have a German Shepherd / Husky mix and her name is Maya

    • Connor O'Brien says:

      +Forevergeo That’s awesome. People think Rok is a shepherd husky mix a lot! But he’s just plain husky.

  14. albutnotquitemost says:

    What is wrong with you
    Nice dogs though

    • Connor O'Brien says:

      +albutnotquitemost That’s a whole different video but nothing when it comes to my pups!

    • Nicholas Cernatescu says:

      Connor O’Brien lol nothing is wrong with him he just wants to be 100% sure that the treats are not made in China because treats made in China are very unhealthy and possibly life threatening.

  15. Melina M says:

    Your babies are gorgeous!!

  16. Jaboi Cs says:

    They do make all their treats in the us

  17. sophia vicidomine says:

    These kinda dogs make me so happy

  18. Ava B says:

    I love huskies

  19. Kitten Witten says:

    Your dogs are so adorable I have a border collie, a chihuahua and a American bulldog/English Bulldog Mix 😀

  20. Wolf Howl 56 says:

    You are amazing with these dogs, and I can see you’re a true, down-to-earth guy and an animal lover!  Love it!

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