Barkbox Unboxing Review May 2018

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BarkBox Review and BarkBox Unboxing May 2018

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23 Comments on “Barkbox Unboxing Review May 2018”

    1. Same here! Ruckus doesn’t seem too interested yet! I stepped on it and it was all wet…yuck slobber haha

    1. Ruckus Eskie she just got a alligator this month and she is terrified of it like she won’t even stay in the same room as it hahaha

    2. Ruckus Eskie actually right now it’s so funny we are keeping it and putting it on places she’s not supposed to go on… Like the coffee table lol …. But toys she can’t use or doesn’t like go to my dad’s dog named Buddy he’s a Weiner dog and chews every toy to shreds so he gets the ones that LouLou rejects and then he also gets one of the bags of treats too. LouLou loves buddy and so they share lots of things buddy is also on the farm as well so they are neighbors lol

    3. Ruckus Eskie LouLou usually will only pick one so buddy gets the other 2 but we spread the toys out over the month bc he will destroy them in 2 days if he knows he has another waiting for him hahaha

  1. “King Nut” is most likely a play on the famous Egyptian king “King Tut” (as in “King Tutankhamun”). That’s my favorite in this month’s BarkBox.

  2. Great video
    I enjoyed it 😃
    Thanks for sharing ,
    New subscriber here 🙋🏻‍♀️
    Let’s support ♥️ each other 😊

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