Barkbox Unboxing Review February 2018

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BarkBox Review and BarkBox Unboxing February 2018

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44 Comments on “Barkbox Unboxing Review February 2018”

    1. Hmmm I”m not sure! Worth a try. Maybe might work through a different account. There’s also the ESKIE code too if that helps 🙂 Thank you for using our code, we appreciate the support. Tag us on your Barkbox when it comes!

    1. We will be in Jamaica this October!! Our BarkBox just arrived. We switched to the super chewers. Excited to see what we get!

  1. Hi, Ruckus!! Thanks for commenting on my BarkBox video! I am here to watch your BarkBox video! Oh my goodness! I want that toucan. It has a delicious squeak to it! I wanted to jump right through the screen and grab it! Hope you have fun playing with your toys Ruckus! Your friend, Missy 💓

    1. Thanks Barkbox for your sub and comment. You know we’re not as hip with the lingo as you guys are…what does “smol” mean?!

  2. My Dog Baylee really like her bark box from march. I’m looking forward to seeing your march bark box.

  3. Ruckus is so cute! He looks like a Unicorn and a Lion had a baby then dipped it in white chocolate! LOL

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