BARKBOX UNBOXING Pomeranian puppy reaction PROM EDITION

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Hi, my Angels!β™₯
Let's look at this months Barkbox! It's Prom theme is so unique! I love BarkBox because it is a fun surprise every month with dog toys and treats and sometimes an unexpected craft! my favorite!
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28 Comments on “BARKBOX UNBOXING Pomeranian puppy reaction PROM EDITION”

  1. omg she really way to cute, my dogs know where the treats are when I go to the kitchen and they hear me open the door where the treats are they directly there

  2. The prom theme was so much fun! Another win from BarkBox πŸ™‚ That camera toy looks really fun too!

  3. oml she deserves more subscribers than what she has now !!! people that aren’t subscribed and looking for good entertainment where you at ???????

    1. Carrie McGregor omg thank you!!! It means so much! πŸ’– Daisy and I are so flattered 🐢😘 we ❀️ you Carrie

  4. You got a new subscriber!
    I love people that treat their pets with love and I got a Pom as well and I’m getting so many tips and ideas !! πŸ’•πŸ’•

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