BARKBOX UNBOXING! | October 2017

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Hello everyone, it's Shine, and welcome back to my channel! Today we decided it was time to try something new! We have reviewed a ton of human subscription boxes, so why not a K9 one as well?!

BARKBOX! (October 2017

I really enjoy trying new subscription services and seeing if they are worth it, watch to find out πŸ™‚

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Let us know what you thought in the comments down below! Love you all and I hope you enjoy.

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Filmed and edited by Sarah

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Get Available Barkbox Bonus Offers and Coupon Code Here!!!

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13 Comments on “BARKBOX UNBOXING! | October 2017”

  1. Hi Shine! I think I’m second lol πŸ™ˆ Girl you are not the only one with a subscription box addiction but I had to cut down lol. I really want this box for my canine friend too though I also want the catnip box for our kitty. Thanks for sharing!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š
    P.S. Bo is so super cute he looks so friendly!

    1. ChildAtHeart thanks! Haha he is hangin in there, he’s really old! These boxes are super fun to try, I don’t have a cat but if I did to would get it a box too!

  2. Beau is such a cute dog! All snacks can be #BeauApproved #Destroy
    My pets names are Skippy(Puppy) Beau(Co-Star) and Alexandrite(Beta)

  3. I know you kinda talked about this in the video, but if you selected “6month subscription” does 6 months of payment come out? or does it come out monthly? *Dumb question I know* lol

  4. I have a cat named Zachos, by the way it’s my first day watching your videos, and you are really good. I am gonna keep watching your videos, as I saw you have interesting topics.

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