BarkBox Unboxing | October 2016

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Check out what we got in this month's BarkBox! BarkBox is a monthly subscription box that sends your cute puppy two treat bags, two toys, and a chew bone every month. I can't have any more referrals since I have maxed out but the link below will get you a free box when you sign up as well as get the person a free box! Be sure to leave me your own BarkBox referral links below to use one next week!

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Get Available Barkbox Bonus Offers and Coupon Code Here!!!

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39 Comments on “BarkBox Unboxing | October 2016”

  1. Nanook could be Balto for Halloween! He doesn’t even need anything special to wear! I wont be dressing up my pups cause they would take off their costumes. Love your vids and your pups! 🙂

    1. +Doctor Goober haha that would be super easy! I’d just put him in his mushing harness and done! There have been some great ideas. Luckily Nook cooperates with my crazy dog owner side and will let me put him in a costume!

    1. Nanook is the only pup that is mine. He’s a grey husky. Silla (black and white husky) is my brother’s. Rok (Agouti husky is my father’s) Cooper and Belle are my friend’s dogs.

  2. Silla doesn’t want to be an actress, she wants to direct 🙂 That rabid squirell is EXCELLENT! Happy birthday to your pups.

    1. +Robin Wagganer haha for real. She likes to be behind the scenes and still get the treats. Thank you!! They had a fantastic 2nd birthday! Hoping for many many more!

  3. aww nook is so cute! I like how he places his head on your shoulder. Mia is going to be dressed up as a panda haha her first halloween 😀

    1. +Shirley MayTV haha yeah it looks sweet, but he’s really just after the treats 😈 oh man! I think I may dress Nook up at Zero from the nightmare before Christmas, and I’ll be Jack. Idk though. I didn’t dress him up last Halloween and regret it!

  4. We have a bakery,in Massachusetts,that makes dog birthday cakes. Maddy actually had a birthday party last year complete with cake,ice cream,presents and a party hat. She looked adorable in the hat but I love being able to go in and pick out her favorite things and actually throw her a birthday party. She loves the attention from her grandparents,her human cousins,her human aunties,uncles and me,her mommy. Her cake was actually huge and looked like a human birthday cake but was peanut butter and bacon flavored. (Two of Maddy’s favorites.)

    1. +Dawn Clark Woah that’s so cool they’ll make dog birthday cakes! There may be a place around here that would do it, but I haven’t really looked too hard. Peanut butter is Nook’s favorite ever.

    2. I guess when I start my Youtube channel,with Maddy,I’ll have to put a picture of her from her birthday a few years ago. My mom’s in the hospital right now and I guess when things settle down a little bit I’ll do another party for her. 🙂

  5. They’re so gentle when taking treats! I wish my dog was like that! We try and teach him to be gentle, but it never works very well haha!

    1. +Claire Hamre Yeah Nook and Silla are just naturally gentle. I lucked out with not having to deal with chomping my fingers

    1. Connor O’Brien Thats so cool! And yes, they absolutely loved it! We can’t wait to see what’s in next month’s box!

    I LOVE IT!!
    I decided to watch an unboxing before I subscribed to the box, as for the treats are they made by a company that actually cares for dogs & makes treats with proper ingredients? My pup is 1 November 5th I thought to get him a barkbox pressy!! Do you recommend?

    1. +Teasha Szarak haha it is too funny looking. I’m glad I kept it to the side or else Silla would have destroyed it by now. I do recommend BarkBox, although last month they didn’t have made in the US labels on their treats, so I didn’t end up using those. After that happened and they realized, they will definitely have them on there though.

  7. Question for you ! Did bark box automatically send you the birthday treat or did you have to order it ? Thanks !

    1. They sent me an email, and I clicked that I wanted to add the birthday treat. It’s more money, but my pups liked it a lot. Totally worth it in my case.

    1. My pups love it. Especially because toys don’t always last very long in my household that getting two every month helps replenish.

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