BARKBOX Unboxing! My dog’s birthday month! | June 2018

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In this video, Molly and I are opening the June 2018 BarkBox! If you are interested in trying BarkBox, check out this this link:
(I believe if you use this link you can get the first box in your subscription for FREE!)

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21 Responses to “BARKBOX Unboxing! My dog’s birthday month! | June 2018”
  1. DisneyKittee says:

    *Thanks for watching my June BarkBox unboxing! Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? Tell me how! I need ideas lol!*

    • Kayla Gibson says:

      Yep not as big as our own birthdays but we do get pressies & give them extra attention & especially extra treats 🐕🐶🐩
      Happy birthday molly

  2. Kayla Gibson says:

    Lovely video kittee

  3. Ambar Rodriguez says:

    Your videos never fail to brighten my day and make me smile. ♥️

  4. Happiness and Sweet Tea says:

    Happy Birthday Molly!!! ❤️💕❤️

  5. Jeri Smith says:

    I love these unboxing!!!! Thanks for sharing sweet Molly with us!

  6. Drea Harter says:

    Happy Birthday lil Molly! 🐶🎂🎀🎁🎉

  7. April Slocombe says:

    I like the squirrel toy and the birthday cake for Molly. Happy birthday month Molly! My parents once had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and on her birthday they would take her to a dog grooming place for a special groom and she would look and smell absolutely gorgeous afterwards even though she was always a beautiful dog.

  8. Noemy Mickey says:

    Happy Birthday Molly I celebrated my chihuahua 1st B-Day with my son b-day he’s name is of course Mickey He is 10 yrs old & I also have a 7 month old chihuahua he’s name is Pluto jajaja yes I love Disney Going to WDW in August this year Love your videos I was going to say to get Molly a dog cake but u did get one But as a sugestión u can celebrate her B-Day once u come back from Disney invite some of your friends dogs over & share a cake with Molly doggie friends Would love to see a video blog like that jajaja

  9. Pixie Dust And Pins says:

    Happy “Barkday”, Molly!!!

  10. Corey Fiasco says:

    Molly is so funny – such a personality. For dog birthdays my buddy in Canada looked up a recipe to make his dog a cake haha

  11. SLOTH, SQUISHY and DISNEY says:

    Molly is so cute!!! You rock!

  12. V. Timea Noemi *Timi* says:

    I love watching Molly so much, she is so cute!

  13. Zoee Fowler says:

    My woofer Mia had to watch this with me. I get her a similar sort of subscription box (I get it delivered to work so my fiancé doesn’t see even more deliveries) but that one is literally next level. The toys in Mia’s box are a lot more understated, but she sure loves them! They also send out a special meal pouch type thing with it too, she has that when we have our monthly take out. Being a dog mum is so cringeworthy but so rewarding 🐶💕

  14. KimOlson1993 says:

    Happy Birthday, Molly! My dog, Amber, is 91!

    This was the first box my dog & I were disappointed in. (We’ve been subscribed almost 2 years.) She didn’t like the toys or the chews. She didn’t like the apple chews, gave them both to my other dog. We got different treats than you.

    I wish we had gotten the corsage. She would have been OBSESSED!

  15. Neysha Ortega says:

    I’m always sad I can’t spoil my dog with Barkbox since she doesn’t play with toys, has a limited diet due to allergies, and doesn’t like to chew anything! She likes to nap a lot, watch movies on the sofa with my boyfriend and me and go on occasional walks… I adopted a cat in a dog’s body.

  16. Butters The Bean says:

    Aww, I love Molly!

  17. Allyssa Buthmann says:

    I find it so ironic that my dog, who is also named Molly, is a rescue, as well, and born in June, too. My Molly was born on June 12th and is a Dorkie(dachshund and Yorkie cross). My Molly just turned 4 years old. I got her last year on June 18th, 2017. She is so stinking cute, much like your Molly. Your Molly is much bigger than my Molly, who weighs 8.7 lbs, on a heavy day.

  18. Maryann Davis says:

    I love how much Molly’s personality is coming out! She is adorable. Happy birthday Molly! Our cat, Maisie, just turned 1 back in April and we celebrated with her by getting her some new toys and tuna sashimi ♥

  19. CoralJoyTravel says:

    I don’t know how I missed this video of Molly unboxing her bark box! We just got this box the other day too…Molly and Cooper are #corsagetwins, LOL. This box was super funny. Happy birthday to Molly in 6 more days!!

  20. Yoli L. says:

    Holy molly!! Why haven’t i seen this before? It was ADORABLE!! MORE Molly feat. videos, pleaseeee! <3

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