BarkBox Unboxing | May 2016

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I decided that this month would be Silla's month to unbox BarkBox! BarkBox is a monthly subscription box that sends your cute puppy two treat bags, two toys, and a chew bone every month. I can't have any more referrals since I have maxed out but the link below will get you a free box when you sign up as well as get the person a free box! Be sure to leave me your own BarkBox referral links below to use one next week!

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6/17 The scarecrow his bitten the dust.

The flowers are still alive and well. Torin has located the toys in his room for when Silla is just hanging out with him, so it may take them a bit longer to be destroyed.

Here is Nook's instagram:

And Amarok's instagram:

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box that will send you treats (all made in the USA) and toys every month! You can choose between small (0-20), medium (20-50), and large (50+), and if you want to upgrade to have an extra toy each box, you can! You can also email and request to have only more durable toys if your cute puppy is a heavy chewer.

Get Available Barkbox Bonus Offers and Coupon Code Here!!!

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31 Comments on “BarkBox Unboxing | May 2016”

  1. Connor! Why are you torturing me? Torin is so cute!!!!! But I am still loyal to you! Haha Si is so cute! This is happiness.

  2. Ah this was so cute! You should do some more videos with your bro (and the pups … always with the pups 😊😊)

  3. You guys are hilarious together lol 🙂 My dog is weird af so I can understand where you’re coming from but she’s the sweetest 🙂

  4. This was just the video I needed to start off my day! Loved it. My dog Lucy is such a spaz I doubt I could ever get her to do a video like that. She is a mixed breed but looks mostly like an Irish Setter. BTW, Congratulations on graduating from college! Good job for persevering through the health issues.

  5. Awww it’s so good to see Torin in a video finally! And hahah you guys have such adorable dogs! Love these videos!


    1. +thebookbasement Hahaha Thanks!! I’m glad the video turned out well. Torin is an unknown factor whenever he jumps in a video.

  7. Who ever gave you your pups did such a great job matching the personality to the owners. I love watching them.

  8. She’s adorable! My dog is also scatterbrained. The only time she pays attention is if food is involved.

    1. +The Bookish Ginger But did you see how scattered Torin is as well?! They are perfect together lmao

  9. I enjoyed this video a lot. Even if those two were out of frame. lol I just decided today to try bark box and it will be interesting to see what my pup thinks of it. It did worry me when I talked to an employee on their chat and they said their treats can be from Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, etc. And toys from China. Are there certain toys made certain places that you do not allow your dogs to have or play with? Thank you for the tip about the hard floors!!

  10. Your dog can talk and sing why not
    Tell I love you you repeat that every
    Day your dog is girl she’s Beautiful
    Dog and very very behave I like
    Your baby dog they not wild dog

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