BarkBox Unboxing | March 2016

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We got the March BarkBox which so happened to be Sherlock Bones themed, so I decided it was time to give all of the Siberian huskies together in one video a shot.

This link will get you a free box with any subscription:

Here's a video with Bella whose link it above!

Here is Nook's instagram:

And Amarok's instagram:

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box that will send you treats (all made in the USA) and toys every month! You can choose between small (0-20), medium (20-50), and large (50+), and if you want to upgrade to have an extra toy each box, you can! You can also email and request to have only more durable toys if your cute puppy is a heavy chewer.

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37 Comments on “BarkBox Unboxing | March 2016”

  1. Oh my gosh, this made my day! It’s like your 3 kids are driving you nuts. It was so cute when you were going to give Rok a treat and you said “high five” and Silla in the background high fives your shoulder. Nook is so calm.

  2. I’m so happy I ran across your channel a few days ago. love the doggies and love your book videos also. Books and Dogs are two of my favorite things!

  3. I wish they had this for cats lol but those UNBOXING would be me by myself trying to get the cats attention. Love the pups though ❤️ I wanna squish all their faces

    1. +Life As Kat pet treater has a box for cats that they more recently started up. Maybe your cats would be intrigued by getting in the box enough to come over lmao

  4. Their are so cute all together 😍 yes It.s a litle messy but that why i loved this video ! One calm one turbulent and One somewhere on the midle

  5. Holy crap if I had three huskies that aroo’d when I aroo’d at them, I’d be soooooooo happy. I wish I had a dog or three so I could get these boxes… Completely unrelated question: have you ever tried one of the treats in these boxes yourself to see how they are? I’ve never seen the appeal of that personally, but I’ve known what I feel like is an abnormal amount of people that eat their pet’s treats. Apparently they can be good sometimes!

    1. +TheReading Rhodes haha Nook doesn’t howl when I howl at him. Rok has to start howling and then he’ll howl. It’s kinda weird. You guys should get a pup 👍🏼 and no lmao I haven’t tried any of the treats. I know people who have tried dog treats before, but I have no desire to!

    1. You can edit it on the barkbox website. I think it’s like personalize your subscription or something. Rok is a full husky! He’s what’s called an agouti husky

  6. Aww, I love your dogs! =) and that went really well with all 3 dogs, I always have terrible chaos with my 4 dogs and dogtreat boxes 😀 Oh, and I just found your channel and definitely subscribed!

    1. +Life of Morteili Our 4th is so old that he doesn’t participate lol but the three did surprisingly well! And welcome to my channel!!

  7. Great video Connor! We love your dogs and wanted to get huskies too but it was too big for our apartment… so we got Pomskies instead named Tesla & Poro. We have a couple videos of them on our channel if you wanted to see them. :)Anyways, keep up the good work. You have lots of fans! LIKE!

    1. +Dimmy Chow I watched your last barkbox! I think I forgot to comment but they’re so cute! It’s a little cool to see the husky patterns on the Pomeranian-sized body!

  8. I LOVED the end when they all started going crazy. I have 4 dogs and when they all get going it’s super funny too!
    I love your unboxing videos as well, your my favorite, I LOVE Nook (sorry if that’s spelt wrong).

    I know you said at the beginning of the video that you had run out of referral codes would you be able to use mine? LUCKYBOO is my code.
    Mine would LOVE a couple more barkboxes. I don’t do book unboxings but I LOVE to read. Does that count? Lol

    1. +kelroy carver yes! The more pups the better! Thank you! Nook is the correct spelling! Like the fake kindle lol

      I think I told someone else that I would use theirs this month as I haven’t filmed barkbox yet, but next month for sure! Tweet me a pic of your pups and I can put it in the video if you want. @ConnorBookinIt

    1. I actually only ever paid for the first month. You get a referral link when you sign up, and whenever someone uses it, you get a free box. I maxed out of referrals so in all my videos now, I use viewers’ referral links to spread the referral love. If you get one, just post your link in my most recent BarkBox Unboxing and I might use your link in the next month!

  9. I just ordered one like this but a Ireland brand I got the puppy plan for my 4 month old pup and older dog I’m so excited lol

    1. +OKBABYFAN That is so awesome! Take lots of pictures of your pup while it’s still a puppy! You’ll be thankful you have them later!

  10. I really want to get one of these for my fury friends but I live in Australia and I’m not to keen to give them treats that’s not form Australia

  11. Your are best Connor you kiss your dog and you nice guy lovers for dog your dog are very healthy and
    Cute dog silla is cute what kind
    Food you give them chicken and
    Turkey and fish do you give fish
    Frozen food thanks watching your
    Video very interesting I enjoyed
    Watching them

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