BARKBOX UNBOXING | February 2016

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Here's a video of Lexi if you want to see her in action!

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Today, I decided to open the box with my brother's Siberian Husky, Silla. She's Nanook's littermate, so I'm sure he won't mind sharing!
BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that sends your puppy a box full of goodies each month. They usually have two cute dog toys, two bags of dog treats, and a chew bone. The total value of each box usually totals around $45, but the cost of each box is much cheaper. A subscription for a year costs around $19 per box. They have boxes for small, medium, and large size dogs! This is the regular box for the large category of dog. You can add the option for an extra toy if you so choose for an additional fee. Also, you can email Bark & Co. to upgrade to a heavy chewer box where the toys are much more durable than your regular plush toys. Hope you enjoy the video and BarkBox if you decide to check out a box for yourself!

Get Available Barkbox Bonus Offers and Coupon Code Here!!!

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31 Comments on “BARKBOX UNBOXING | February 2016”

    1. They’ve actually held up better than expected! I thought Silla would rip them to shreds but the boys have been hoarding them away from her.

    1. +Amarok dad, stop lol I just get one BarkBox a month so I’ve decided to start doing them with the other pups each month

  1. This was so hilarious! I luv how each of your/family dogs have such different personalities. All 3 dogs in the next video please please!

  2. I swear your and your brother’s huskys are so well behaved. It could be because I live in a college town, but the ones I’m surrounded with are usually not well behaved at all. I recently rescued a puppy great Pyrenees. I’m obsessed with your husky.

    1. That’s funny because I raised Nook in a fraternity house! I was just very careful and strict with him so he turned out well. Oh my gosh good luck with your new pup!!!

    1. Nook will be back for the pet treater videos since they’re addressed to him. Im gonna do the next barkbox with Rok so that should be…interesting

  3. aww Hi Silla!! pretty baby! Love watching these! Yay MO! lol I bet Silla would have made a fantastic Valentine for ya! 🙂

  4. Silla is beautiful. Cute dragon toy. We didn’t get that one. We didn’t get the monkey rope toy either. My video shows different toys.

  5. so i bought a box for my dog after watching your last vid with your link. my box was totally different from yours. mine was New York themed for Feb. are they different for different sizes? i got the medium box. just wondering.

    1. I don’t think they’re different for the different sizes. I know the link i put in the description comes from someone that has the small or medium sized box and it was also Chinese New Year theme. That’s weird that yours ended up being NY themed. Was it your first box?

    2. Depending on what day of the month you ordered it, they may have given you that box because the month’s boxes weren’t ready yet. When you first order, they try to send you a box immediately. I’m sure you’ll get the themed box next month if you continue. 

  6. It’s nice to know that with different size dogs they have different stuff in them.
    I feel like my little guys probably could of switch your for the dragon though.
    I have 4’small puppies and they gave us a dragon that even a human can’t squeak easily. So it probably would of worked for yours better lol. Mine won’t touch it.

    1. +kelroy carver maybe they’ll warm up to it? Lol it would be funny to see your pups struggling to squeak it

  7. Hey! I’m a recent subscriber and I really love your videos! I saw in your watermelon treats vid that you watch GTTSD and I love them too! Silla reminds me of Oakley from their channel haha. All your dogs are so cute!!

    1. +Anna Fisher yeah Silla is similar in color to Oakley! I think she’s more of a diva like Shelby though 😂 I love GTTSD. They’re fantastic.

  8. Silla is your dog who’s nook you have 3 dog same who’s your favorite dog that you bring to your
    House kindly give me each dog name when is birthday of you dog
    How old your dog

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