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Hi beautiful friends! My husband and I open our beagle's BarkBox for the month of August.
If you'd like to try BarkBox, you can click on this link, and Jasper would get a free month:
Thanks for watching!




– BarkBox Unboxing + Super Dog Food | July 2018:
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21 Comments on “BARKBOX UNBOXING | August 2018”

  1. Oh I love Jasper!! 💕 He is so fun to watch. He gets so excited over his box. Thanks for sharing. I loved it. 🌺😘

  2. I can’t believe how big Jasper has gotten!!! And he got totally different toys than Molly! See ya real soon 😉

    1. He is getting very big indeed! You saw him when he was around half this size, and in just a few hours you’ll see him again!

  3. I haven’t seen this box yet this month. Jasper got different toys than some others I’ve watched and his are so cute! Jasper approved for sure!!! 😍❤️

  4. I love this box!! Jasper besito😘😘 he will love the frog… Salty are that in a few minutes😍 i love Bark Box and love seeing how big he’s getting!!

    1. This was a good one, I agree! He’s getting big for sure and it’s funny how he learned besito even before he learned how to sit properly! 😂 And just like Salty, Jasper took care of that frog nice and quick! Seems our dogs like them, I just wish they lasted longer!

  5. Awww Jasper is so cute! I am loving the bark box! We switched to super chewer because my 2 have issues with chewing everything, even the walls eeek! And they weigh 7 and 11 pounds! A long haired chihuahua and a Jackchi! But they got chewing issues!

    1. Jasper does too! I think I’ll have to change the subscription to the Super Chewer as well because he has been breaking some of the toys in a matter of minutes. He also ate some of the wall! Crazy puppies.

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