BarkBox Unboxing | August 2017

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22 Comments on “BarkBox Unboxing | August 2017”

  1. How about you send a Bark Box this way with your Doggie. That’s one good looking dog!! We just so happened to lose our 14 yr old chihuahua to a snake bite. It’s been hard. Thanks for sharing, Connor.

  2. What is the message Connor!!?? And that rocket toy…. haha it looked very naughty.. and I need to start getting Loki bark box again!! I miss filming with him ๐Ÿ™ …. lol DROOLING

  3. Violet just heard the squeaking toy and came walking over. Lol. She also keeps hearing commands and walks up to me looking confused. Haha.

    1. ryu ray You spelled it correctly, and he does have heterochromia. It’s pretty common in huskies. His sister who belongs to my brother has the same colored eyes as Nook, and Rok who belongs to my father is what’s called parti eyed which means he has one eye that is brown and blue.

  4. Hi Connor, I watched you open Bark Boxes and you made it look so fun, my mom let me do one too. I love your dog too, he is big like mine!

  5. I had the worst experience with Barkbox. It took them almost 4 full weeks to send my first box (July 2018) and it was literally worse then just going to the dollar store and getting items myself. I signed up the first couple of days in July and just received it on July 27th. They didn’t send me any themes. They sent me an email saying they were changing locations and if i paid for 6 months they would make it up to me by giving me two months free at the end of my subscription. Why would you not give it to me first? I even paid for an extra toy of $8. I received three crappy toys, basically black/white and one was like a tennis ball, light blue in color. I received two small bags of treats and one pepperoni stick type treat. My dog won’t play with any of the stuff we got or eat the treats at all, which I don’t blame her. It took them over 5 DAYS to respond to an email i sent to them. Buyer beware and I really hope you proceed with caution if you are going to get this. I feel they send youtubers a nice box (If they know they are youtubers) and send whatever they feel like sending to the rest of us. I am highly disappointed because i bought it after watching at least 10 videos off of youtube thinking how wonderful this was and imagine how i felt opening up literally a crappy box with no personality just plain ole junk basically. I will stick to and buy stuff that i know will be good and double the products for the same amount of money…..

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