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BarkBox is a monthly subscription box that sends your cute puppy two treat bags, two toys, and a chew bone every month. I can't have any more referrals since I have maxed out but the link below will get you a free box when you sign up as well as get the person a free box! Be sure to leave me your own BarkBox referral links below to use one next week!

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Both toys are still alive for now.

Here is Nook's instagram:

Silla's Instagram:

And Amarok's instagram:

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box that will send you treats (all made in the USA) and toys every month! You can choose between small (0-20), medium (20-50), and large (50+), and if you want to upgrade to have an extra toy each box, you can! You can also email and request to have only more durable toys if your cute puppy is a heavy chewer.

Get Available Barkbox Bonus Offers and Coupon Code Here!!!

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34 Comments on “BARKBOX UNBOXING | August 2016”

  1. I love how the others are sticking their noses in everything and nook is just on the sofa like ‘i am too majestic for this’ <3 such sweeties

    1. +BasicallyBronwen Nook actually wasn’t too comfortable, so idk when Rok and Nook will be in a video together again lol

  2. Your dogs are gorgeous!! I got my cats the crazy cat lady box, and they swarmed me when I opened it, my one cat was so excited he got in the box and peed, Not cool! At least your dogs didn’t pee LOL

    1. Thank you! Cats are so all over the place if they will cooperate or not, so in happy yours love the boxes!! Yes, I’m glad Nanook did pee in the box lmao

  3. This is just what I needed today. <3
    HUSKY OVERLOAD. You should do all of them with all three, they're so cute!

    1. +Lauren Hannah Nook gets uncomfortable with Rok being there, so I’ll probably just switch off between all three and just him still! But thank you!!

  4. Loved seeing all the dogs. I get the vibe that Rok and Nanook have a love/hate relationship…lol Nanook is so gentle and Rok comes across more like a Bull in a china shop…lol They are all very beautiful!

  5. Thanks for promoting our link Connor! Ahsoka owes you big time! She just loves all her toys and treats from BarkBox. I’m curious to hear how the fish taco holds up. That one didn’t come in our box, but I was considering ordering it for her on the side.

    1. +Jamie Koser Arena No problem! Hope Ahsoka gets some free boxes! I actually haven’t seen the fish taco in a few days lol I think Nook hid it somewhere the others wouldn’t find. I’ll have to look for it.

  6. I just came across your channel for the first time. I was thinking about signing up for Barkbox and wanted to see some reviews. Thanks so much! This was very helpful. And I’ve decided to subscribe to your channel. Plus, your dogs are adorable!

  7. Hey I actually work for bark box and just thought I’d let you know our treats are all from either the us or Canada. If you go to the and scroll down to faq type where are idem made it will tell you where the treats are made where the chews are made and where the toys are made! 😊🐾

    1. Hey, Lindsay (or Lindsey?) already contacted me, so I was assured already! I added a line in the description and an annotation. I also said in the video that I found online where it said the treats were made in the USA/Canada, but I still felt uncomfortable without the packaging being labeled as such. Thanks for making sure I knew though!

  8. What type of dog is Rok he’s gorgeous and I may be considering buying one if I can find either a good breeder or a dog that already needs a home like that not now but a couple of years I would just like to consider my options because I know I would like a dog for sure wether it’s rescuing it or buying it from someone

    1. +Amberleekalena Rok is a Siberian husky. His coloring is called Agouti which means his hairs are three colors instead of two like Nook or Silla. He’s from Earnwel’s Husky Reserve. They’re a pretty great breeder and care a lot about their pups. I went and picked up Rok myself.

    1. +Yvette Pritchard I live pretty far away from you, but huskies actually do pretty well everywhere as long as they have water and shade.

  9. You actually save around 20$ each box compared to amazon and regular stores I think it is a great idea and may consider it for my puppy

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