Barkbox January 2018 Unboxing – Extra Toy Club

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January 2018 BarkBox Unboxing – Knights of the Hound Table ! Join me as I open up my doggies' treats and toys from BarkBox January 2018. This monthly subscription box for dogs features two durable toys, two bags of treats, and one chew. I am part of the extra toy club, so I get an additional toy in each month's box. I get the bark box for medium sized dogs.

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28 Comments on “Barkbox January 2018 Unboxing – Extra Toy Club”

  1. Awww. Your fur babies seemed to like that box alot. Sweet items too. The toys looked awesome. I’m glad the toys get used for sure. Lol I’m a fan of y’all and now a subscriber

  2. I wish I still had my dog…looks inviting for any dog. I was always leery of where they toys and chews come from. If they were made outside of the US, I would just stay away from them. Like the people food, next time maybe give the nutritional facts too. Ha ve fun with you dogs today….suppose to be warmer so a nice run in the dog park….have a great Saturday!!!

    1. Thank you Bert! I am also that way. I love barkbox bc all their treats are made either in the US or Canada. Unfortunately, the weather is ugly and rainy today, but hopefully it’ll clear up by tomorrow. Thank you so much for watching!

  3. We’re so glad your pups love BarkBox! Everyone had a lot of fun working on this month’s theme. We’re always thrilled to see happy customers.

  4. Hey Yolis, hope your Holiday went well! I haven’t gotten a chance to catch up on many food reviews lately, but I’m back in The Food Game and I was wondering if you would be up for a food collaboration, whether it be a food review or a mukbang. And although I don’t comment on every video, I’ve always been a huge fan of the channel. You truly have a passion for what you’re doing and I like the fact that you have a vast variety of content on your channel. Just watching your channel grow over the past months has been inspiring and has added motivation for my own channel. I appreciate your time, Yolis – Keep it up!

  5. I absolutely believe that the little ones are bullies. In my dog-experience and in my life-experience, I have seen that usually, the small ones are the bullies.:-D

  6. BarkBox is really well worth it….your dog will love it and they do a really great job of mixing up the toys and treats….

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