Bar Fights with a Protection Dog (

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Bar fight surprise scenarios throughout personal security canine class at paladin center with K9-1 Specialized Dog Training. Canines are educated for defense use only and need to finish off-leash obedience prior to entering course. Figure out even more by mosting likely to our website at

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28 Comments on “Bar Fights with a Protection Dog (”

  1. I love how much you guys love your dog’s at first glance a few months ago I was hooked glad to see you guys uploading again

    1. +Trancid puppy class is free, obedience is $100/month, protection is $100/month (advanced obedience required). We also have an online community for $7/month to discuss training.

  2. When getting two new dogs, should I get them at the same time and train them both at the same time? or should I train them separately? or get them separately and train them one after the other? and should it be a leadership training situation where one learns from the other or does that depend on the dogs?

  3. The GSD is too slow.. Mals are better for protection work because they are fast as hell and have much better agility. These dogs have lazy bites..

    1. A working line German Shepherd has speed, strong nerves, and much more balanced temperament. A lot, if not a majority, of these dogs looked like show line Shepherds. Get a well bred working line gsd and you won’t be complaining.

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