Balanced Dog Training vs Hacks – What You Should Know (

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The dog training sector is on the fringe of prevalent guideline. Paid announcements, fact TELEVISION, franchise business, as well as social media sites pop advertising and marketing are front as well as facility to the public eye.

The extensive outlawing of training tools, such as prong and E-collars, are ending up being extra typical in established nations as the general public identifies that such things ought to not be utilized. It is not difficult to identify exactly how this is taking place. Besides, who is front as well as center to the public's social media feeds as well as TELEVISION screens? Is it the most responsibly educated professional fitness instructors or the very best professional marketing professionals?

Totally favorable, balanced training, Kohler approach, as well as countless trademarked styles of pet dog training can be a whole lot for anyone to filter with that wants canine training.

Making matters harder, given that there is no guideline, how does a person looking for assistance really understand that the fitness instructor they pick is knowledgeable sufficient to offer fair support as well as choices.

Unfortunately, advertising will dominate in an uncontrolled market when there is no company policing cases such as:

" Favorable pet dog training. Best results without using discomfort or fear!"

" Satisfied and balanced off-leash skilled canine in 10 days!"

" Aggressiveness problems fixed in one training session!"

The video clip below will serve to any person that is puzzled by the advertising as well as maybe desperate for training help. The video talks about different "types" of instructors and also has an unedited team course.

Why did I placed an entire unedited team course? It is mostly to reveal that there is nothing to conceal when a trainer is helping the general public and their pet dogs properly. After the video clip, I placed a full playlist of EVERY major step we make use of in educating a dog to "heel" off-leash from deals with training to E-collar training. To show there is nothing to sell, the info is your own. However, most of all, there need to be nothing to ban when a fitness instructor is not terrified to reveal prong and E-collar training unedited.

If you are in the market and you appreciate your occupation, ask yourself who offers the industry a negative name? Are they actually watching out for the customers, their canines, as well as the sector? Who will obtain our tools prohibited? In my opinion, it is the uneducated pet trainers on both ends of the range. Those that don't know ways to use the tools bringing attention to those who likewise do not know ways to make use of the tools however utilize them anyhow. Why not prohibit ignorant instructors from supplying expert service if they can not pass easy examinations on canine habits, husbandry, learning concept, and also proper device usage? How around a code of ethics that concentrates on the gentle treatment of the pet and the proprietor?

A lot of appreciated occupations have some type of sector requirement for an actual reason. It is for the protection of not only the consumer yet additionally of the effort professional. Without standards, day-to-day life would certainly be filled with browsing via quacks and hacks. At the minimum it is a public safety concern.

If there is not a push for higher criteria, the industry will certainly implode as well as every person suffers. Educated specialist instructors should separate themselves from the hacks in the sector.

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28 Comments on “Balanced Dog Training vs Hacks – What You Should Know (”

    1. I’ve been looking through your links, and I will continue to use your videos to help me teach my dogs. I recently had a dog trainer tell me that if the dog doesn’t make a sound when you correct them with a prong collar, then you did not do a proper correction. He uses positive and negative techniques with treats, praise, and all the collars. He wasn’t saying you need to really hurt them, but he said that the “pop” should cause them to make a sound. I was curious to what you would think of this. Thanks for the video and free training information.

  1. I appreciate your videos and the time you take to explain the learning & proofing processes. I definitely think your videos are much better than anyone else’s who use prong/e-collars.
    However, I wish that you would stop using Stillwell as an example of a positive trainer, since she was obviously a fraud. I agree that someone who claims all positive doesnt understand behavior or what is & isnt aversive to dogs, but what about people who do teach “no” & follow similar protocols except that any positive punishment is verbal. What about professionals like Patricia Mcconnell or Kristin Crestejo? Wish that you would do a video to address wether you think dogs of all temperaments should be taught obedience with prong/e-collars & if you think that these collars should be freely sold to the public as opposed to available through trainers, who will actually teach escape/avoidance. I was also wondering if you could address wether dogs who go through your training have to wear prong/ecollars for the rest of their lives or if the obedience generalizes such that they become unnecessary. If prong collars do have to be worn forever, how do you address the fact that a dog will get desensitized to the mild discomfort & more force may have to be applied? Thanks!

    1. Regardless of which side trainers are from, trainers without common sense are dangerous. I agree that ‘normal’ positive and balanced trainers follow similar protocols. And, I think that difference between them is that the amount of pressure that they feel comfortable to use for training.

  2. Omg!!! I would have dragged all of those ” trainers” by a very tight pinch collar for about 20 miles tied to the back of my truck!!

  3. going over the chart explaining when to use conditioned and unconditioned punisher. Does the dog need to have eye contact during the command to know if he obeyed?

  4. Such a great video! Thank you for putting out all the information! I too train my service dog in training the way you show. I use a prong and an e collar on super low levels. I have never used a bonker and though its a towel, I have never been ok with hitting my dog with anything. I also always use food, toys, or praise/affection. I am called a horrid animal abuser by the purely positve camp and watch the purely positive and balanced (hack trainers) throwing bombs at each other when both only use half of operant conditioning. It only works when you use all quadrants. Heel is crazy indepth. It took a crazy amount of time to teach all the way up into super high distractions and heel on command with it. Mainly because we didnt have a praviate open space free of distractions. We are still struggling with focused heel. He doesn’t know he can walk and look at me at the same time. Now I am trying to teach foward momemtum and counter balance which means he walks in front of me and doesn’t sit on a stop and moves when I tell him, how I tell him to, and stop when I tell him to (so its not based on my movememts like heel is) and to stay “frozen” until told otherwise but its hard to teach this when he is so used walking in heel. I could never remember when to step how when he was out of heel and how. But we got it and he does a great heel today. Backing up in heel was pretty hard. I should have taught that at the same time but oh well. I am impressed with the back ups here. My guys does a pretty good back up today. Anyway, thank you!

  5. I wouldn’t consider jeff a hack trainer, I’d label him a balanced trainer, and I think jeff is a great trainer, and he used that at the APPROPRIATE TIME, all the other trainers on the hack trainer list were doing it when the dog was doing nothing wrong,

  6. and that last guy and the first guy were just abusive :[, jeff was the only one I saw on that list that actually tugged for a reason. and he was NOT abusive.

    1. Sorry, Jeff is pretty much king of the hacks. If you think jerking a dog like that without even attempting to teach the dog he could sit for attention is not hack training you don’t know what “balanced” training is. He does “quick fix” seminars where je hits dogs over heads and uses ecollar on the dog’s at high levels very first session. Yes, he is a hack.

    2. AnimeWhisperer18 anyone who claims that a prong collar will instantaneously fix leash pulling or that absolutely all dogs can be trained with prong collars, is a hack trainer. Jeff is all about his own ego, not helping dogs.

  7. Jeff Gellman is a balanced trainer not a hack…as you said in the section hack trainers show you a before and after. Jeff has hours and hours of free full training videos…

    1. Yes he has “before and after” without showing the shocking and hitting the dogs with bonkers in between. Why do you think he has comments shut off on all his videos. Free videos has nothing to do with being a hack or not. He is a hack because he specializes in the quick fix with no regard to the side effects and damage it does to the dog. In the dog training industry across the board he is known as the king of the hacks and he only appeals to the desperate dog owners who fall for the pop marketing and the other amateur trainers that follow him that use ecollars without even know how to properly praise a dog first. Sorry he is a hack.

    2. I will keep this information in mind. Have been watching your vids as well and i can see u know what you’re doing. I myself am raising a pointer mix whos 4 months old as a sport dog and obviously im not using any corrections at all for any obedience so i can keep that drive up but i do use a bonker for unwanted behavior and it has worked well with stopping chewing and what not. If you have some advice on what to really stay away from that ive learned from jeff id appreciate it. Thanks.

  8. So how to do you do healthy dominance, not in a hack-y way but for the long haul. I’ve watched a ton of your videos now but after the dominance/dog bite video, but I’m still a little lost. Is teaching balanced obedience itself what makes for a dog that won’t have dominance agression towards my kids? Or is it just the gamble of picking a puppy predisposed to be chill. I was leaning towards getting a Doberman for their intelligence and shortcoat. But I’m worried the loyalty of a Doberman for me, won’t extend to my kids. My Kindergartener is extremely gentle and kind, so I’m not worried about my kids pushing a dog to its limits, but my little guy is not at all assertive. I guess what I’m asking is, How do you keep pack dynamics safe for lower-ranking humans :)?

  9. If you haven’t, could you do a video on puppy obedience, stages of development and expectations in terms of learning/impulse ctrl. Just saw several Q&A videos from a balanced trainer, who I’m pretty sure is a hack (Ruff beginnings rehab) about how 3-5month old puppies, of any breed, are adolescents, should be held accountable as adults, and receive prong corrections for jumping or nipping.

  10. Punishment is pointless.

    I’ve never encountered a dog that needs punishment.

    I’ve seen LOTS of dogs that need clear direction…and clear requests for specific behaviors.

    Bob Bailey is the guy to listen to if you want to clearly understand the learning process…

  11. do you always keep the dogs in muzzles in class? all the classes ive ever been to dont do that for all dogs, only if the dog has an issue.

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