Autism Service Dog Feature: Maeve’s Story

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"We Want Maeve to have more of an independent lifestyle. That day she gets in the car with Scott, drives to school, goes a day worth of classes, and drives home and she walks in this house… That's a home run, in my eyes. This is just chapter one. We're gonna pass it forward with Scott." -Joe, Maeve's father

SDWR wants to shed a light on the families and faces behind an Autism diagnosis. Please visit our website to hear more SDWR family stories-


3 Comments on “Autism Service Dog Feature: Maeve’s Story”

  1. I have a service dog and I also have autism and type 1 diabetes and I can’t imagine my life without my service dog she has changed everything for me so this video makes me happy to see how happy she is and I know that her dog will change her life in a good way as well 😊

  2. We have Colt for my son Cole with Autism from SDWR and our lives our forever changed because of him. I’m sooooo happy to see Maeve with Scott! What a pair!

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