Attack Trained Dutch Shepherd and German Shepherd (

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Dutch Guard "Havoc" and also German Guard "Coal" do authorities uneasiness and individual protection drills during "Bite Club". Discover even more about us at

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41 Comments on “Attack Trained Dutch Shepherd and German Shepherd (”

  1. The dog never really forgets the training, especially if much of it is tied to his/her instinct, BUT without a doubt the dogs and HANDLERS are best and always improve when drilling as much as possible.

    1. Excellent video! Like the lines and techniques used. Do you eventually move on to hiding seeve beneath clothing so not focused solely n sleeve?

  2. As far as I can tell you’re only teaching aggression. There no cue to release, to even attack or whom besides smacking them… If someone was nervous to pet them they could take it as an attacker. Bad idea.

    1. +Frank Brazil Nope. I train dogs all day. Im going to training today where my dog is going to have a blast barking at some ‘bad guys’

    2. viceb7 next time your family is about to get killed ask to murderer to kindly leave and maybe even offer him a ride home since this is too aggressive for your little soul.

  3. Wow, both those dogs are bad a**! The German shepherd hits hard, and that Dutch shepherd had some very impressive bite and dont let go hold with his jaws. I would never, ever want to get in the way of either dog!!

  4. Both of those dogs are very well trained.  Ones just a good as the other.  I own German Shepherds and I was impressed with the Dutch Shepherd also.  I hate when people compare breeds,  It’s all in how they are trained not the breed itself.

  5. I’m disabled and I a wheelchair could you show me a dog protecting someone similar to my situation. Awesome video’s guys, the dogs are ace

    1. look at my profile picture. consider you getting an eastern European shepherd. DDR WORKING BLOODLINES. never had such an amazing boy like this in my life. people have a hard time just trying to shake my hand while hes around. i mean he has great temperament but if you look like anything other than a normal person he is on guard. such as saggy pants. hats to the back. things like that. because we don’t do things like that. so when he see’s things like that he is ALERT AN TTG’ (TRAIN TO GO). 

  6. I’ve been around dogs all my life and been an owner of two guardian breeds, the German Shepherd and the Doberman Pinscher.  In this video the Dutch Shepherd showed a higher degree of aggression and determination than did the GSD, in my own opinion.  The Belgian Malinois is also a highly aggressive breed with a very high prey drive, which is one of the reasons they have become the breed of choice for law enforcement and military organizations in recent years.

    1. +Mercedes just look at various factors in it.  malinois are much lighter for the same size, dont suffer from some lines being bred to poor standards for showing, are faster, more driven to work, and in a situation where time is the most important factor, can be more effective.

      They are still very easily trained dogs, and all videos and examples ive seen show pretty well that these dogs have the obedience they need.  wait, stop, call back, etc theyre all very good at that.  
      heck, even my crazy dog who becomes obsessed and crazed with anything that twitches can manage to do all that, and he has worse obedience than a mal  xD

      german shepherds are cheaper, more available, easier to train, and are almost the same when compared to a mal.  why would a police force invest in a more expensive and more difficult to find breed when german shepherds are still amazing police dogs?  

      theyre not going to be replaced by mals, even if mals were cheaper and more readily available, theyd still be used for their strength, ease to train, stability and all the things everyone loves in them  :/  

    2. +Chloe Bibby When it comes to size between the two, there really isn’t a big difference. Generally speaking, yes Malinois normally weigh less than shepherds. But working line shepherds are still the perfect weight for these types of jobs whether they weigh more than a Malinois or not. As long as a working line gsd is in the correct weight range that they need, that’s all that matters. You have to remember working line gsds are very lean and compact. They also have a slightly thicker coat, wider skull and jaw, broader chest, thicker legs, larger paws, and a longer bushier tail than a Malinois. Which all of these traits may cause an illusion that a working line GSD is much larger and heavier than an average Malinois, but there is honestly not that much of a difference.

  7. For all the idiots saying that the GSD is dangerous because it is “so aggressive they out a muzzle on it”, it’s called a muzzle punch. It is arguably the best way to determine if a dog will protect you or not when the attacker isn’t wearing a sleeve or jacket.

  8. Seems to me that in almost all of your videos about attack and protection, people who own the dogs are treating their dogs as some kind of property that they buy just because they are pure bred and just because of protection. There are some people like that in my neighbor hood and most of them are treating the dogs the way I just said, and they are not nice at all.

    1. I’d say Rottweilers, Cane Corso, and Dogo Argentino (just to name a few) all have speed, much more muscle weight, and bite force. The only thing a GSD has over other dogs is its intelligence and quick wit. But even that is controversial as many people claim other dog breeds are just as smart. In the end, it is all about personal preference and what suits the individual more.

  9. if u ask me dogs should not be used like this. humans should fight their own battles but having dog llike this to fight with you is cool cuz u kno u have back up

    1. I don’t think this is meant to have the dog fight with us. It’s more for protection, especially when you have kids or siblings and you need to have that extra insurance that they will be protected when you’re not around. If I ever get in a confrontation where my life is at risk, it would be cool to have my dog help out. I sure as hell wouldn’t just stand there and let the dog do all the work, but still, for that extra peace of mind.

    2. Dkizzy. As you know, dogs have a lot of energy, and a lot of dogs want to work. This is the perfect way for the dog to loose his energy, and for the dog, this is all play. They like to do it. But it is ok for you to keep your dog inside your house if you want to, and keep him passive, and grow him fat, be my guest, but the dog will be very unhappy

  10. There’s nothing like a good working line German Shepherd. If there’s ever an apocalypse, I want that second dog by my side lol.

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