Attack Trained Bandogge Bites the Weapon Arm. Dog Training with K9-1.

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Bandog guard dog training trial right here. Bandogges are usually a mixter of mastiff and pitbull. this restriction canine, Tito, is not the typical cross for a bandogge. Could you guess exactly what type of mastiff and also other bully breed he is. A real personal defense pet dog – Tito has a really pleasant temperament. Locate canine training instructional videos at

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19 Comments on “Attack Trained Bandogge Bites the Weapon Arm. Dog Training with K9-1.”

  1. um, did you even read the description? he is a cross, just not the usual mastif/pitty cross. also, in the decrip, we are asked to guess what is in him :-/ it really helps if you read before you post :-p

  2. @pitbull198932 hear you can kill trespassers so all you have to do is call the cops and make sure he is dead put a few rounds in their heads im up to 4 now
    lol all the cops say is damn buckshot to the haed make a mess lol

  3. got some beautiful bandogs american bulldog x dogue bordeaux with boxer 2 yes boxer lol i kno but have a look theyre great looking crosses

  4. I love when your dogs bite then switch to the big arm. I think that is very good training because if someone was actually bitten then would hit the dog with a bat or pipe. Him switching to the weapon hand could protect not only you but himself. Well done.

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