Attack Guard Dog Training Ass Whoooping!!(

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This is a guard dog training video clip of attack training Alex the black German Guard. Earl Dunne is the trainer and primary trainer. Alex is not completed with his guard dog training although bites very well. Excellent obedience training need to constantly come before individual security bite work. Feel free to see our site for pet dog training of any kind of type including authorities pet training, individual defense attack dog, or even hostility rehabilitation. All pets at K9-1 Specialized Dog Training are trained with respect, understanding, and patience.
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Personal security guard dog training video of a 7 month old German Guard/ Belgian Malinois mix pup. Although this pet dog isn't really old adequate to do real guard dog function it is being prepared to do real security job … type of like sending a kid to karate class. He will complete attack dog training at regarding 18 months old. Quality protection dog training takes persistence, respect, as well as understanding. If a pet dog is trained with screaming and also intimidation … just how do you anticipate them to do defense deal with a shouting male? Be careful of individuals who market sport canines (also known as schutzhund trained pets) as "personal defense dogs. Sporting activity dogs are educated to look rather doing certain defense routines on a training field as well as could be perplexed in a genuine scenario when there is not a bite sleeve or defense suit to attack. Also these sorts of security pets are trained to take stick hits as opposed to preventing them as well as attcking that arm. This is because you cannot hold the stick with an arm within sleeve and schutzhund is a sport that is suggested to show a canines valor and also show they are worthy of reproducing, consequently they are educated to take stick hits that are always utilized with a stick that won't really harm the canine and are always appealed secure places of the body. This is setting the canine for failer when they must deal with a person genuine that is planning on hitting them in the head with an iron bar. Anyhow, I wish you take pleasure in the canine

training video clip of Matrix … one more customer dog trained by K9-1 Specialized Canine Training as well as Mike D'Abruzzo. (even more).

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19 Responses to “Attack Guard Dog Training Ass Whoooping!!(”
  1. Dog Training by says:

    nope… German Shepherd

  2. Dog Training by says:

    Dog knows it is training.

  3. Dog Training by says:

    Good point! Maybe all police should ditch their puny dogs and use french mastiffs instead! who cares if they won’t be able to follow bad guys over a fence and die of heat stroke after a long chase.Maybe police should drive monster trucks and use bazookas instead of their ineffective pistols too.Seriously, there are reasons you rarely see a working K9 over 100 lbs. I think you underestimate what hits like this would do WITHOUT a bite suit. imagine crying man with bicep partially ripped off arm…

  4. Luvbuzz9583 says:


    Nope. This is a Solid Black German Shepherd.
    I’m surprised you knew about Dutch Shepherds though!
    Most people have never even heard of them.

  5. 6468lee says:

    Impressive dog…

  6. mschflbn says:

    refer to video description–a training video…it takes time…

  7. 1hunterblack says:

    i have a rott that a got that was trained gard dog you have to have a bite heamet hes trained to go for the head . 1 time a crack head climed over my fence that dog dont bark he tear his guts out what i could tell he tore some of his face off that guy was sceaming so i gave him 12 ga 000 buck shot to his head i love my dog he is willing to die to proteck me

  8. 1hunterblack says:

    that is so much not true it breed in dogs a pray drive and to want to work .you realy dont know much about dogs do you

  9. 1hunterblack says:

    he man needs a healment on iso when hes on the ground the dog dont bite in the face or neck . we use a full body suit like that and a heamet to when we work with are rotts

  10. Dog Training by says:

    answers for you. can bite anywhere – not a sport dog. 2. dog does call off quite easily. whatch closer. asked only once to “come” when disobeys releases on the soft “no” command. the pulling on the dog is to protect the decoy before the “release”. Also, not a finished dog – it is peak into the training of one. check out my other vids to see finished dogs. I appreciate the good questions.

  11. Stefan RB says:

    0:50 !!!

  12. E Drew says:

    Is your head okay after that???

  13. RelaxingMusic212 says:

    ahah mad

  14. aravec says:

    Good dog with good drive and well trained.

  15. Kitty Hawk says:

    @k91dogtraining Very nice answers…I’m planning on getting a protection dog in the near future, and one of the most important features is that he is NOT trained in Schutzhund so he won’t treat a real-life scenario like a game. Secondly, while the dog in the video doesn’t appear to release and come back as quickly as I would like, he’s still a work in progress as you said. Excellent work!

  16. xspacexmonkeyx says:

    thumbs up if you’re gonna watch the 6-legged deer one next.

  17. J's Gaming says:


  18. superjam18 says:

    Real life Dead to Rights Retrobution.

  19. VideonachrichtenTV says:

    Super Clip, Danke!

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