At What Age Can I Start Training My Dog?

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At What Age Can You Start Training a Dog

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A lot of people ask when can I start to train my dog? The truth is you start training your dog the moment you get your dog it is a myth that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks you can start training a dog at any age. You know from the moment you get your dog regardless of their age you should be teaching them.

Ideally, the youngest you would get a puppy is that about 10 weeks old that’s a perfect time to start training. Every behavior the dog does has a consequence, whether you like it or not, and when you’re conscious of what those consequences are, whether they’re increasing the behavior or decreasing the behavior you then can start to train your dog. I would like to emphasize trust and build a strong relationship and communication with you and your dog or puppy. Some people say “my dog is very stubborn” but the truth of the matter is somehow the dog has been reinforced for that behavior. So it’s actually the trainer’s fault that the dog doesn’t want to eat the treat or doesn’t want to go through the door. It’s is important that you reinforce the behaviors you like and interrupt and prevent the dog from doing the behaviors you dislike. This is so that they’re not reinforced and continued.
Puppies start to learn the moment they’re born even inside the uterus a puppy is learning through the environment.

You can start to train your dog with food the mom and her dog science food reinforcing. If your dog is getting distracted and wandering away this means that the treat is not reinforcing to your dog, try using a variety of different food to see which one is the most reinforcing to your dog. Now remember to keep it healthy you can use real meat and your dogs daily diet to reinforce the behaviors you like. There are many ways to reinforce your dog such as using food, toys, and access to the environment and attention with the reward of getting to plan the environment again. You can also use access to dogs and people as a way to reinforce the behaviors. An example of this is never letting your dog meet a person or another dog if they’re barking or whining instead you’re going to wait the moment that your dog is calm and relaxed and that is the moment they’re going to give your dog permission to go and say hi to the other dog or person.

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You can train your dog or puppy at any age. Always try to build a strong relationship and communication between you and your pet. Don’t only treats but use toys, and access to the environment to reinforce the behaviors. Do not treat them if their behavior is unfavorable.

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